klong Registered User

is this student station still running?

apparently its "limericks only student station" yet out here in UL ive heard nothing about it, and the website makes no mention of UL (from what I can see).

so whats going on?

billy the squid Registered User

Wired FM broadcasts from Mary Immaculate college and serves Limerick Institute of Technology, and the university of Limerick.

If you have a Radio Society in UL you should get in touch with them with regard to wired FM. I studied in LIT (Then Limerick RTC) and that is how I got into Wired FM.

They broadcast on 106.8 and 96.8 FM

They broadcast 24 hours a day during Rag Week from the University of Limerick.

klong Registered User

well theres a media society thingy but all their efforts seem to go into the SU newspaper. something to look into anyway

billy the squid Registered User

Do you have the web address for wired I can add it to the resorces thread

you could ring the station and find out what the story is.

I thought mary Immaculate was part of UL anyway.

klong Registered User
billy the squid Registered User

Thanks for the link klong, I have added it and credited it to you. Hope you have some luck with wired.

If there is no radio soc in UL get onto wired in Mary I.

spoon Registered User

my mates are on this station, me too ocasionally.

it used to be all the colleges around limerick, but ul pulled out of it, so now its only a lit/mary-i thing im pretty sure.

billy the squid Registered User

Was that a UL decision or was there just no radio society in UL to facilitate it.

spoon Registered User

i dunno why they pulled out...
ill ask my mate who is really active in the station next time i see him, probably tomorrow.
(but yeah, listen to wired at 9pm on mondays, im on it sometimes )

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