eagerbeaver Registered User

Hi All ,

I was wondering if anyone can confirm to me if indeed Limerick /Munster region is totally devoid of Chat Rooms - is our provence that IT illiterate to the point where no-body has actually set-up a chat room servicing the area.

Surely even the Cities own home pages should have their own chat rooms or at least links available to relevant chat rooms available.

Don't get me wrong its nice to meet ppl from all over and every walk of life but every now and again its nice to talk to someone who can relate to your own area - own issues etc . I know thats the idea of these kind of boards - but it would nice to do it real-time which is one of the nets gr8st strenghts, live interation.

Whats yer views on this or maybe someone can go one better and actually enlighten me to the existence of intelligent life forms in Limerick/Munster region .

billy the squid Registered User

It is not too dificult to set up a chatroom if you so desire, you could always set up one on http://www.paltalk.com if you so desire.

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