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Directed by Milos Foreman. (ppl vs larry flynt. 1 flew over the cuckoo's nest)
Jim Carrey, Courtney Love, Danny De Vito and a Ben Stiller cameo.
Music by R.E.M.
This film is about the life of one of greatest comedians of the past 25 years. He was very out there and controversial, and was always playing with people's perceptions of the entertainment world. in his acts he was willing to take the risk of bombing everytime so that once in a while he would score big with an audience and make them think. the movie is just about is career and it is really great. if like me you really like andy kaufmann's comedy which is kind oif incomparable to anything but think tom green, michael moore, mark thomas, louis theroux, it is hilarious, but it is also a really great drama.
and i hate to admit it, but jim carrey is a fantastic actor.

It is so lonely here in my indecipherable tower of speech impedimency

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I can't wait to see this film.....looks deadly. Jim Carey, very funny man.........


I always detested Jim Carrey as an actor - he struck me as a clown, someone who couldn't really act. Ace Ventura, the Cable Guy... all those bloody awful roles.

I was wrong.

It is simply criminal that Jim Carrey did not win Best Actor for his performance in Man on the Moon. I find it very hard to think of any actor who has delivered such an outstanding performance in any movie.

The film itself is intelligent, thoughtful, funny and touching. Like Kaufman himself, the movie is off-the-wall - not everyone will "get" it, but for those that do, it's got a lot of good things in there, and it says a lot of stuff that maybe we all need to hear... The yanks would call them "life messages", and I guess that's a pretty good term for it.

Go and see this. Go with an open mind. Don't expect to enjoy it; don't expect Jim Carrey to be a funnyman, because ultimately, that's not what this movie is about. You probably won't "get" this movie, so don't expect to. Then if you do, it'll be all the better.


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Did he win a Golden Globe Award for hid role?

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Yep. and he won the same award the previous year for The Truman Show. Still though, its a bit like comparing Coke and Pepsi, The oscars and the golden globes. At least someone recognises good acting when they see it. No offense Kevin!

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I doubt a lad like him really gives a sh*t about awards..........Well he shouldn't, cos they are a load of ****e

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Andy Kaufman lives... allegedly...

check it out

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I must agree with Rob, it was criminal for Carey not to get the oscar (or at least a nomination). But, I think it's been said before, that the Acadamey were less than impressed with him after he gave grief about not getting anything for the Truman Show (I think it may have deserved a nomination).
To put it simply, Jim Carey WAS Andy Kaufman.
Go and see it and I think you'll agree that the guy can act.

That aside, a great film. A definite must see.

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Jeez, u guys said just about everything that has to be said. Jim must be worshipped for bringing Andy to life. In other words, *uck the acadamy awards.

Denk u veddy much..

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