MiCr0 Like a boss!

got it out on video last nite
thought it was class
nice cross between pulp fiction and trainspotting...
with a class sound track
any 1 else seen it?


El_Presidente Registered User

Yeah, saw it a while back and thought it was class.


The best ever conversation on film between a human and a cat

Draco Subscriber

'Tis a great flim. The dinner scene with the cop and the two actors when the "insidious reason" for inviting them over was great as well. But it doesn't beat the conversation with the cat.


Excelsior Registered User

fine movie with katie holmes in it.

that is the kind of sentence i like to write.

We are superfriends
Super friends are we

El_Presidente Registered User

Thats the kind of sentence I like to read!

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