decbuck Registered User

I got all teh wooden floors for my house in in Belfast last weekend.

It is only €7.50 per square yard for semi solid maple.

Amigaman Registered User

do you mean the maple floor on this page ??
not too sure what you mean by semi you mean laminate or solid wood??

decbuck Registered User

there are 3 different types of wood floor.

laminate (complete crap)

semi solid, wood top stuck onto ply type wood. Looks like laminate ina pack but is a million times better.

Sounds like wood when you walk on it,you can sand it down once or twice

the solid is as it says. Whole piece of wood.

deckie27 Registered User

Hi Decbuck

Welcome to Boards.

Did you collect or is there a delivery option?
If collecting can you drive up pick what you like and drive off with it?
Do you need to be a company to purchase?


decbuck Registered User

No need to be a company. I paid cash, but they accept all types of dredit cards.

I drove up in a borrowed van. Swapped my insurance over and left at 7 sat morning. Was up for a bit after 9. I think they might deliver but this could be over £120 which is nearly 200 euro. You'd hire a van for the day for this.

You can pick what you want and load it with their help. They really aim to please and will accomodate you in any way.

Are you thinking of heading up? They let me take loads of samples away of the solid and semi solid.

podge3 Registered User

Just to clarify - is it €7.50 or £7.50?

Is the quality of the wood good?

I cant see it on the website - can you post a pic of it?


deckie27 Registered User

Deffo thinking of going up. was going to purchase 40 sq yards of solid @ €24 a sq yard.
and about 30 of Laminte @ about €10 a yard

Plus skirting for the lot

Ya reckon it would be worth a van for the day €100 approx


decbuck Registered User

podge: it is £4.99 a square yard which is €7.50

€24 a square yard for sold is very good. Are you sure that it is not semi solid. The quality is ok. I mean the top bit of the semi solid flooring is only about 3mm whereas on a good semi solid fllor it is 5-6mm. But this doesn't really matter. How many times are you really going to sand it down.

I can take a few detailed pics over the weekend and post them here Monday. Does that sound ok, as I really only have internet access in work.

deckie27 Registered User

Its solid alright 15mm thick looks good its country Oak.
Is the £4.99 semi the 3mm
Approx what price does there solid start at?


decbuck Registered User

Their solid starts at about £20 (€30).

Where are you getting the solid for €24. I know people playing that for semi-solid down here.

Yes the £4.99 is the 3mm. I think the board is about 13mm thick overall.

deckie27 Registered User

Des Kelly
Oak solid 15mm €24
Ash solid 15mm €22

decbuck Registered User

Sorry about the delay. Here is a photo of the semi solid I got in Belfast.

I was going to take more but batteries went.


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