Sleepy Registered User

Flying out on Saturday night on a last minute deal I booked with a friend. Anyone got any good tips for Playa Del Ingles in Gran Canaria?

Also hoping to find an Irish pub showing the hurling on Sunday?

Any suggetions/reccomendations/warnings?

fletch Registered User

Mulligans is a nice Irish bar in the centre of the Irish centre. I was there in June and they were in the process of installin wide screen tvs throughout the pub.
Stay clear of the Yumbo centre at night, big gay particular club we went to go into insisted we remove all our clothes first....not a place for the kiddies!

Sleepy Registered User

Cool, so where's the female version of that club!?

giveth Registered User

See a previous thread about the place.

Zulu Registered User

Hey Sleepy, firstly, I feel awfully guilty about the whole avatar thingie - but I would have won the whole drinking thingie

Secondly, it's "Playa de Finglas"...
To be fair I was over there with a girl a couple of years back, and sun holidays for couples didn't really suit me, but Mulligans near the Green Isle appartments would be your best chance for the hurling.

Enjoy the holiday mate, I trust you will none the less.

Sleepy Registered User

I'm sure I will! Heard it called that before alright. Basically planning to go on the lash in the evenings, drink as much beer, hook up with as many women as possible and spend all day lying by the pool - cheap and cheerful.

Had a read of that other thread - fairly mixed reviews...

What's the grass situation like over there?

I am MAN Banned

More so resin than weed and pills,coke etc are plenty,

Things are getting quiet there now I have been twice and you've just missed the big crowds so woman are goin to be more scarce than usual!

Sleepy Registered User

Was hoping to miss the mayhem and get there while there was still a few people knocking around...

tots@Cork Registered User

im just back from playa del ingles in gran canaria since sat....its very quiet there n they say its been like dat all summer!!i was there on hols this year but living there last summer...the best place to watch any gaa match is upstairs in the irish center in the randy leprechaun or the irish jockey plus the jockey is also the best place to eat in the whole resort...

Sleepy Registered User

CHeers tots. Is it quiet enough to be boring or is there still craic to be had out there?

tots@Cork Registered User

well u make ur own fun and craic...but it should still be good now my friend is atravel agent and her sis is trying to get out there tomoro and everything is full in playa del it should b good..i wish i was ye!!!if i can recomend one thing to do if they r still runnin it is the randy leprechaun booze cruise its da best thing to do and go-karting out in maspalomas!!if u go into da randy leprechaun and happen to meet the owner tommy hes from arklow...tell him da mad cork girls said hi (the one wit da sore toe)..n dat ill b back nxt summer..enjoy da holiday>>ohh yeah and the point is a great spot 4 clubbin!!

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