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I applied for ajob and at the end of the ad was "OTE 50k"

I cant find a clear definition of what OTE means, can anyone tell me?

I've found it to mean:

    On Target EarningsOperational Test EnvironmentOperational Test and EvaluationOperator Training Equipment

Any help would be nice, as I have an interview for it next week!!

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'On Target Earnings' i.e. including an estimated level of commission.

The OTE figures may be overestimates : you won't know unless you're able to find out from someone already working there.

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From here:
OTE- What does it mean?
From the editors of The Construction Executive
I would like to respond to a job listing that reads, "Salary $140-$200 OTE with significant upside." What does the "OTE" mean?

OTE stands for "On-Target Earnings" and usually refers to a compensation package that has base salary plus commission and/or bonus components. The OTE amount refers to the wage amount you will receive if you hit 100 percent of your stated performance or sales goals.

The variable portion of the wage is usually paid out on a quarterly basis, but may be monthly or bimonthly, or whatever the employer chooses. It may be a preset amount that is paid as each portion of the goal is met, or it may be a percentage of the revenue flow that you have helped generate.

It's most typically seen in a sales or pre-sales position and is meant to reward you for performance which meets and exceeds goal.

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Ok! Thanks...

Dont really want the job anyway, just going for the experience of the interview!!

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pure coincidence but i actually had to look that up earlier this evening too...hope your not applying for my job....

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