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I thought I had seen it all but I was wrong, maybe a match for Sky News Ireland and Grainne Seogie lol

The phenomenally successful Naked News will be launched in the UK this month. Never seen here previously, British viewers will be treated to news, sports and entertainment coverage from around the world being presented by naked women.

This nude news format has been a runaway success in the States, Canada, and latterly Australia, and will now test British sensibilities to the extreme. Naked News started with just two anchors, but has now extended to twelve including the exotic Lily Kwan . Samantha Page who was signed up to Naked News last year, is the first ever British Naked News presenter. She has a First in Psychology and Zoology and holds a black belt in Karate. British glamour model, Samantha James, has just been signed up as the Naked News weather girl.

News segments will be read individually by each of the twelve female reporters who will begin reading the headlines fully clothed, and then gradually disrobe as they scroll down the autocue. By the end of each bulletin, anchors will be fully naked but delivering the headlines with all the polish of Trevor MacDonald. To reassure cynics, content is subject to rigorous editorial control. David Warga, who launched Naked News Canada in 1999, feels sure that even traditionally prudish Brits won’t be offended. "We’ve never had any complaints or moralising from the public," he insists. "Besides, those who find the combination of news and nudity unpalatable can always switch off. But I doubt they’ll want to."

David is confident that we’ll soon be switching on regularly to the news being read in the buff. British audiences will become more than familiar with anchors Victoria Sinclair (the very 1st NN anchor), Carmen Russo (the 2nd anchor to join NN), Lily Kwan, Samantha Page, Sandrine Renard, Roxanne West, Michelle Pantoliano, Erica Stevens, April Torres, Samantha and Ashley Jenning. The News and Infotainment segment includes, News of the Top, Sports Buff, On the Web, Naked at the Movies and Talk is Cheap.

Naked News has been brought to the UK by Get Lucky TV , a fast growing global interactive TV network. Pat Bird from Get Lucky TV in London, says that "It’s high time British viewers were treated to a taste of Naked News, which has satisfied Americans and Canadians for five years. Once UK audiences tune in to what is not just essential, but sensual viewing they will never want to watch news being read by suits again. Naked News broadcasts to more than 172 nations daily and reaches a potential weekly television audience of 34 Million in United States and many more in several countries around the world. Naked News TV is also available in over 1.4 million hotel rooms in North America, Caribbean and Europe and on passenger cruise ships on the high seas. Naked Broadcasting Network Inc. is responsible for daily news production in Toronto. Currently 40 million people in Europe and Asia have access to Get Lucky TV programming through affiliated networks. These potential subscribers will have access to Naked News.

Naked News will be screened live at 10.30pm every night on Get Lucky TV , Sky Channel 235 from 11th August . The official Naked News press day will take place on 11th August in the Committee Room, Central Hall Westminster, located on Storey’s Gate, across the road from Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.

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A great informative programme. Will definately keep watching. They could increase the bitrate though.

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note to self: watch the news tonite

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Caught a bit of this last night and for some strange reason I couldn't tell you what any of the news stories were about...


I've copied this thread and moved it over from satelite...
I thought it might be of interest here

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firstly, dmeehan, please dont post links to pornographic material. I've no problem with the UK launch of Naked News being discussed here, but I dont want people linking anything from their site. If you want to see it that badly, watch it when it starts, or use the wonders of google.
Anyone who links to the site from here on will get an instant ban. That applies, as it does across, to all pornographic sites.

now, Naked News is pretty harmless stuff, and in reality its just a bit of a laugh, although I wouldn't be too quick to go to it for breaking news
It is, in reality, Sky with boobs. Which makes it so much more watchable.


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lol I was just gona post about Naked News

Cant see nuttin on the main site anyway

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There's no flies on them!

Flukey Registered User

Will they report any cover-ups or just give us the bare facts?

flogen Moderator

Will they report any cover-ups or just give us the bare facts?

I think I just vommited... hang thy head in shame, flukey...


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That should keep us nicely abreast of developments.

/ok I,ll get me coat.


They have no naked men? That's unfair!

I still don't get why people like this so much. It would be funny doing naked news as a comedy sketch but it would just get boring having it every day. If you want porn why not just look at porn? Or are people embarassed to admit to themselves that they want to look at porn? Or is it that there are many people out there with a news fetish?

flogen Moderator

Actually simu, they do, although it's aimed at the gay market, and it's not half as popular as the female naked news.

I agree with you as regards "you want boobies, get porn", but it seems to work for whatever reason, some watch it out of sheer comedy value, others just see it as a handy way to see some boobs and pretend they're swatting up on world events


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some watch it out of sheer comedy value, others just see it as a handy way to see some boobs and pretend they're swatting up on world events

And no doubt some watch it to kill two birds with one stone...


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