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Ive got miene coming up in 9 months or so. Im doing 4 singing pieces and 4 guitar pieces. Im fine for singing im not worried about it yet. Guitar on the other hand is different. Im doing guitar accompaniement BTY.
1. Chilis- Under the Bridge
2. System of a down- Roulette
3.Jimi Hendrix- castles made of sand (If I can get it up to scratch, which I recone I can)
4. ???
Anyone got any sugesstions?
What are the rest of yee doing? (if any of yee are doing it)

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Why not do 6 "performing" pieces. I.e. playing guitar AND singing. Would that be easier for you?

I just did my LC music, so i think i have some authority to comment. Basically, if you were doing 6 guitar pieces, you would be looking to show off 3 different styles of guitar. e.g. classical, blues, rock, general accompanying, jazz. Since you're doing 4 pieces, i'd advise 2 "styles".

You'd need one complex song (preferably two) one contrasting piece, and one piece you know so well you can play it backwards while being upside down. You'd start off with the piece you know backwards, then do a complex one, then the contrasting then complex again.

System of a down- Roulette
This would have to be your "Easy" piece. Its a bit basic, and so should be the easist of all your pieces. Everything else should be harder than this.

Under the Bridge:
Good choice, so long as you can get the strum/picking worked out in the verse, you're flying. Its a good piece, but you'd have to sing it aswell, otherwise it could get boring. This is your "rock" piece. (also a complex piece i suppose )

Jimi Hendrix- castles made of sand:
Introduce this as a blues style piece, and this would definately be one of your "complex" songs.

Last song, i'd advise doing a nice classical piece, such as "sarabande" by bach. Its a grade 6 piece, so you should be able to pick it up easily in any music shop. This can be the contrasting piece.

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thanks man.
Im going with 4 of each mainly cus my music Teacher is more intertested in my singing voice. She want me to do 6 singing but im determined to show her I am a capable guitarist. I can get some one else to sing on under the bridge or I can sacfrice the licks during the choras and sing it my self. I had the licks and singing off but i noticed that I was off slightly and had to alter my playing which made it harder to sing as well. I chose Roulette because it sounds class and it a nice acustic piece. Castles made of sand is still a work in peogress but im getting there. I never tuched grade stuff before but theres a first time for every thing

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Hey man, I'm doing my leaving music pratical this year too. I'm playing drums though. Good luck with picking and knowing your pieces
I'm going to give Good Times Bad Times my best shot. I might do Dancing in the Moonlight too. Apart from that, whatever the wind blows in my direction I guess. Possibly a Pixies song.

feylya Moderator

I'm not sure if this piece would be long enough cos I neve did LC music but what about Farewell by Yngwie Malmsteen? It's acoustic, classical and kinda complex but easily played. Again, I don't know if it would be suitable but it's a nice song.

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Wheather your doing 8 or 6 pieces you only have 20 mins to do them in. So a short song would be wellcome. Ill check it out thanks

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hey guys,
im starting music this year for the leaving (going into 5th year), and i didnt do it for the junior, so i aint really sure what to expect.

got a few questions..
my instrument is piano - how many pieces do i have to know?
what extent is modern music a part of the course?
my friend - he was told that vocals could be his instrument, cos hes only stared playing a whiel ago. is that ok yeah? cos hes a bit worried about it
how much is the practicla part worth overall? (what % of the grade)

thanks (in advance..)

Rockerette Registered User

by the way i love Fight Like A Brave.
kicks ass...
the whole album gets me going (UMPP)

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i did music for the LC without doing it for the JC - there was only 5 or 6 of us in the class..the two of us who hadn't done it for the JC got the highest marks...As for the practical you can sing. I think I had 2 or 3 pieces and the examiner guy told me which one to play...the course changed the year after we did it so it's prob all diff...i feel old now ah but at least i have school and college behind me!

Rockerette Registered User

hehe cool
theres only gonna be 7 in my class.
2 newbies to the music class world - the other 5 did it for the junior.


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Hey, did LC music a few years ago. The main thing is to play your piece well and confidently. Castles made of sand is nice but I reckon something like Little Wing would be more suitable as a guitar piece. I played "Eugenes Trick Bag" by Steve Vai, Cavatina, and Albatross Fleetwood Mac and Tears by Django Reinheart they went down pretty well. But as was said above, it's a good idea to play contrasting pieces, a bit of Jazz, Blues and Classical will work very well.

Anyway good luck with it!

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Im doing LC music without doing it in JC. I was the only one doing it from scratch out of a class of 22 (I told its the bigest LC music class in the country) . The first day I presented with sheet Music. I was like what the ****??? I cought on quickly enough though. That wont be problem for you since you play piano.
My teacher realy doubts my guitar ablity and maybe shes rite cus Ive been playing less then 2 years. She insists that I sing a song in a differnt Language for versitility but on the other hand she let a drummer do 6 rock pieces

Giblet Registered User

Try learning a ragtime piece, these are always interesting and might catch an examiners ear, because not many people would be trying this style.

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your better off doing 4 of each cos your marked as pass not honours. they dont expect your standard of playing to be as good . i did my lc two years ago i did the wall , little wing , satch boogie and the lead from stairway on guitar then did black night,no excuses,outshined and finished up with good times bad times . i new nothing bout the theory n i still got a b1 . the practical is a great oppertunity to really up your marks.
anyway best of look with it.

Rockerette Registered User

what % of the overall grade is for hte practical?

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