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happened across this ... desrcibes the bits your might be worried your kids seeing ... an american site

Boys admire a woman when she enters. A woman wears a low-cut dress that reveals cleavage, and a girl wears a low-cut top and shorts that reveal cleavage, bare abdomen and bare thighs.

skipn_easy Registered User

Oh dear god!

"A man refers to the fact that he has many children by a woman whom he has not married."
"A woman touches a man's face tenderly."

Squall Registered User

Who the hell pays that much attention to movies. Especially kids.


It does rather seem to be fairly unbiased, though. It just mentions everything that happens that could possibly offend someone. Sure, it's over the top, but at least it doesn't add in "homosexuality is evil" or "This film will encourage your daughter to read demonology and masturbate with a crucifix", does it?

Amusing. But there's far worse out there that's even funnier.

gandalf Registered User

Hmm that site is no where near as entertaining as the wonderful where else can you find films like Hellboy cited for "Statue Nudity" LOL !!!!

Stark Registered User

Wow, it makes Thunderbirds look like a cheap erotica

That CAP thing is even worse!!

101 Dalmations got ripped apart - "Of most noteworthiness was Close's good job at playing a mad and violent woman, bent on control, revenge, and gain by evil and sinister means - she did a very good job at displaying unacceptable material.". LOL

Other mentions include "gross examination of a dog to determine its gender".
"partial nudity in a painting".
"lying to avoid accountability"

elvis2002 Registered User

i can use this for my pervy ways...... :-)

Guy:Incognito Registered User


F-word derivatives: Words based on, or incorporating, the F-word. Examples include f***er and motherf***er.

Scatological terms: Words that have to do with feces, urine and defecation. Examples include "sh*t," "bullsh*t," "sh*thead," and p*ss.

Religious profanities: Words and expressions that religious people, especially Christians, find profane and blasphemous. Examples include "God d*mn" and "God d*mn you."

Religious exclamations: Words and expressions that mention God or other religious figures to add emphasis or express strong emotion. Examples include "God!" "My God!" "Jesus!" and "Jesus Christ!"

Anatomical terms: Words referring to parts of the human anatomy, mostly the private parts, and are considered crude. Examples include "*ss," "*sshole," "d*ck," "d*ckhead," and "tits."

Mild obscenities: Words used in everyday language, but that may be offensive to some. Examples include "damn," "hell," "friggin," as well as milder forms of anatomical terms like "boobs."

Obscene hand gesture: Holding up the middle finger, or using the index and middle finger in an upward motion, thus signifying sexual coitus.

Sexual references: Characters refer to sex, having sex, and using other specific sexual terms like "screw."

Derogatory terms: Words or expressions that are used to denigrate and insult one's racial or ethnic background, gender or sexual orientation: Examples include the N-word, various anti-Semitic terms, and anti-homosexual terms like fa**ot.

Gotta love the profanity glossary.

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