Trip Hazard Registered User

Ive been thinking of getting a tattoo for years now and this year is the time, i want to know where is the best place to get it done in Dublin, I hear Zulu tattoo in temple bar is one of the best, Dragon tattoo is good too i heard can anyone back that up or tell me any other good ones. tell me Bad ones as well and why they are bad!!!


ThenComesDudley Registered User

just one question i wanna kno where in dublin does tats thats isnt visable to people passing by or other customers?. like in a room or summit like that. i kno they used to in ms. fantasia's but he's gone now.

Trip Hazard Registered User

Zulu in temple bar is private i think, there is a place on dorset st and they tattoo you right at the window i passed by many times to see people getting tattooed. you dont want everyone to see your PAIN!!!

coldenmean Registered User

snakebite are doin tattooin upstairs... Debs and Alice, and i like their work.. sure go up and have a look.. and i dont think you can get any more hidden away from the public as snakebite!

Trip Hazard Registered User

I started this tread not to find a tattoo parlour with privicy but to find the one with the best reputation. can anyone back up that Zulu is the best or tell me any others.

coldenmean Registered User

ok in my opinion.... the bast tattoo parlour is the one were you find a tattooist that likes doin the stuff you want done... as for cleanliness, so long as you stick to any of the main ones you should be fine... everywhere has good and bad word... that goes for dentists to piercers... we all have our opinions... just so long as you go to one that is at least well known and dont be afraid to look around when you go in to talk about it... although i seriously doubt anywhere in dublin city that gets any kind of decent business is unclean and doesnt clave their stuff....
i havent heard any bad news bout dragon, celestial, zulu, or snakebite....
hope that helps a lil....?

Trip Hazard Registered User

yeah thats the sort of thing i wanted to hear, thanks, anyone else... Keep 'em coming.

de_shadow Registered User

I've had both of my tattoos done in dragon ,very clean and they make sure your getting exactly what you want. my brother had his done in both dragon and zulu and says zulu is the better of the 2.

hope this helps.

LilyMon Registered User

Can someone tell me where Dragon tattoo studio is located exactly?

ven0m Registered User

Can someone tell me where Dragon tattoo studio is located exactly?

Without sounding like a div, if u're willing to travel to Bray go to 'Atattooed' & see either Paul or Badger.... they've done a ton of work on me, my mates & my brothers. Highly recommended in my books..

::: ven0mous :::

Kalikat Registered User

Zulu is probably one of the best in town, but Dublin Art Tattoo (used to be Karen Russell's Sacred Art) in temple Bar is very good for black-work and Polynesian. It really all depends on what kind of work you want done!

For my money, nobody in Dublin does good nu-school stuff, so I'm waiting to go elsewhere. If I had my way I'd get stuff done by Grime in San Francisco.

coldenmean Registered User

lilymon... dragon is situated on talbot st... i think its pretty much opposite irish life mall.... or a bit before it on your left if your comin from o connell st... have fun...

LilyMon Registered User

Thanks for the replies, guys. No excuse now. Will hopefully have my tattoo by next week.....

Blub2k4 Registered User

I am having one done by Debbie at the moment in Snakebite and can only recommend the studio and the artist, I get all my piercings done there too.

Silent Grape Registered User

id also reccommend Attatoed in Bray, i have tattooes done by both Paul and Badger, and they're both really good, and really personable.

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