tHE vAGGABOND Registered User

as I say on the tin, Friday Nite Tribes - Nethouse. I am a spent force fiunancially for this monthe after the manchester debacle. Who is up for some lan style messin on friday nite - b4 the quake muppets book all the pc's

Any one know a quick cure for the mother and father of a hangover (er several beers and bottle of vodka) I should know but to say that my brain is melted is understating it.

Also the cure for no sleep for 24 hours - given the fact that I have no time to sleep and do not drink coffee and have no money left.


YuM Registered User

Big greasy fry, loads of water & take up coffee....

GOTO pub!

tHE vAGGABOND Registered User

I have officially started drinking coffee, tastes *yuck* but it seems to be helping a bit.

ChungKing Registered User

copious quantitys of coca-cola followed by lots of hairy belches...

clears the gas out of the belly; coffee makes me feel worse after a hang over

or ... go back to the pub


You wanna try Shinji's Famous Spoon-Melting Coffee, you do....

Doesn't quite cure a hangover, but when you're dying of caffeine poisoning, the whole hangover thing tends to slip your mind...

Mata ne!

Hecate Registered User

ya ya that sounds like a good idea ,although I am a Quake2/Tribes muppet, what does that make me? .

As for the hangover cure, do what my dad did in his young and restless years:

Its Los Angeles, 1973, and a young Irish man, the worse for alchohol with his mates, decides it would be a bright idea to jump into a swimming pool head first to alievate it. Unfortunately this had the affect of giving him a slight *ahem* mark on his cranium...give it a go and dont call me in the morning

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Brit Registered User

Take 1 teaspoon of salt, and dissolve in 3 tablespoons of domestos. Bring to a gentle boil and stir in 2 fruit pastilles and a packet of road grit. Simmer. Meanwhile, chop three Big Issues finely, and allow to soak in a bowl of lukewarm vomit. After 20 minutes, drain, and add to the salt/domestos mixture. Bring to full boil, and stir for 10 minutes. Cover a baking tray in cat fur mixed with laser printer toner and pour the mixture on top. Spinkle with shredded asprin, and finish with a bucket of fish guts.

Now, I know what you're thinking. But, it works. By the time I had found all the ingredients, my hangover had gone! magic!


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