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hey just wondering how long it takes for your driving license to come back after you`ve sent off the form and the fee , I cant go out until i get mine back because its the only form of photo ID i have and I always get asked in pubs .?

Furp Registered User

I recntly renewed my licence and it took tow weeks to get back (10 working days) so i'd say it could take up to that long although you may get it back quicker although i doubt it would be inside a week.

OLDYELLAR Registered User

I need it by the 23rd sent it today , because my 21st is that weekend and they never let me in without it , think i`ll have it by then ?I posted it today

the_viper2kie Registered User

It all depends where you sent it. I sent mine into kilkenny motor tax place and had it back in 4 days!! just bring your passport with you, even though it is a bit risky! if all else fails buy a birthday card with a "I'm 21 today" badge and they'll surely let you in


tribble Awaiting Email Confirmation

You're 21?
You don't have a passport?

I'd say a holiday was in order, not a party.


OLDYELLAR Registered User

yea i sent it to kilkenny 2 , ha i could do with a holiday , i must apply for me passport . meant to be going to america in september , how long do they take ?


2 weeks for a passport gauranteed if you use passport express at the post office.

Be thankful you didn't send your licence to Wicklow where it takes at least 8 I say 8 weeks to get it.

OLDYELLAR Registered User

jasus why does it take that long in wicklow?thats crazy!


Originally posted by OLDYELLAR
jasus why does it take that long in wicklow?thats crazy!

No one really knows why it takes so long. When I lived in Wicklow we had a golden rule "Never post anything to Wicklow motor tax office". If you needed car tax you went there yourself and got it.

When you needed a licence you went in there and demanded a receipt for your application/old licence so that you could cover yourself if stopped as you had no way in hell of producing within 10 days!

Its like the dark ages in there, it's another world!

OLDYELLAR Registered User

sh*t i send it to kilkenny county council not motor tax office , will it still get there ?

the_viper2kie Registered User

yeah same thing really...the motor tax office is in the county council offices! when they open it up they'll direct it the right way. i live in kilkenny so it was easier for me to just walk in with it. Dont know if posting it will take more time! all depends on when they open it i suppose.


OLDYELLAR Registered User

thank god i was getting relly worried there since i need it back as soon as possible

Fudger Registered User

just wondering is it illegal to be carrying your drivers licence or passport for the purposes of a general form of ID ?

OLDYELLAR Registered User

why would it be ? going into a club you need something and the age cards are meant to take ages to come back ?

Fudger Registered User

dunno myself, but i remember it being an issue before. All this business about passport and drivers licence belonging to the state, (even though you have to buy the feckers). Both are only for the purposes of identification to authorities etc and not some monkey on a door. I think the whole thinking is that its far more dangerous to loose your passport or drivers licence than some college ID etc which obviously makes sense i.e. they are worth a hell of a lot of money on the blackmarket, but is anyone aware of an exact legal standing on this ?

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