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I'm looking to get a new pair of glasses.
I need to get them fairly quickly.
Where's a good place to get them?
I've only ever gotten my glasses from a small opticians in dun laoghaire, but they don't have a great selection and they take a while to get the glasses made as they don't make them themselves.

I've never gotten glasses from Specsavers.
How reliable are they?
I've always been wary of them for some reason.
They seem to have a good selection, so i'm sure i could find something i'd like.
How quick can they have your glasses made up?
Less than a week?

Anywhere else in the city centre, that people would recommend?
Somewhere with a good selection, that can have them made within a week.



Sleepy Registered User

Specsavers have always been grand for me. They can usually do glasses for next day collection as well so it sounds like what you're looking for.

Personally I always get my eye check-ups done in smaller places as they have far more time for you (and that has to mean you get a better examination imho) but usually get the prescription filled in Specsavers cos they're usually cheaper and nearly always faster...

K!LL!@N Registered User

Sounds like a plan.

What's the going rate for an eye test and presciption these days?



therecklessone Registered User

Eye test = €20 approx.

Prescription? Well, frames+lenses can cost from as little as €70 to as much as €300/400, depending on what you choose. Make sure you claim back off your PRSI (if you're working and entitled to do so), you'll get the cost of the eye tesy and about €40 towards the specs. You're supposed to claim before you buy the specs, but Specsavers used to let you claim after you get them (its been a while since I was in).

Ask for the PRSI claim form when you're in.

Borzoi Registered User

Got mine in Vision Express

Really do recommend them for customer care - they fixed my old pair of glasses twice which I gotten elsewhere - no charge.

So when I needed a new pair that's where I went.

snickerpuss Registered User

Yeh they do that in specsavers too.
They have loads of glasses so they're cool and i like their get free glasses when you buy a pair thing...
cos i break them alot.

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KdjaCL Registered User

Should have ready in an hour ,also if you come accross the free prescription sunglasses or cheap reflections let us know i getting some soon.


aidanpower Registered User

I get mine from Berlin Opticians on Capel Street. Best eye test i've ever had, and the nicest glasses i've ever worn. None of this second pair free nonsense that Specsavers do, so you get a far better quality pair for your money.

Drawback is that the optician is a little eccentric and that he doesn't specify prices until the very end. He's very particular about what frame you take, as he says himself "I won't let you leave with something you don't like, but you won't be leaving with something I don't like either". He has a good eye for frames all the same, though his selection is slightly smaller and more old fashioned than other places. One thing he'll do is take a frame from another shop and put the lenses into them, though that's not exactly cost efficient...

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