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came across this while searching for the name/origin of a myth that involves some dude getting his buttocks eaten off by vultures, and then fashioning a new ass out of sweet potatos

share the wealth, people!

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Database of gods+godesses from various mythologies.

Database of legends, mainly British and Norse.

Assyrian and Babylonian mythology FAQ.

Lots and lots of folklore and mythology texts in HTML format.

Links pages to hundreds of sites with mythologies from all over the world.

FAQ to Sumerian mythology.

Not exactly mythology, but a list of common superstitions.

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Sacred Texts.

It's great for all the original sources on just about any mythologies I can think of.

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UCC's Celtic Text Database; very comprehensive.
For a rather exhaustive look at Norse myths and sagas.

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some classical links: has some relevant stuff, although it's intended as a resource for students of a particular workbook.

You can find translations for lots of classical texts here (Greek) and here (Latin)

Perseus is also a good site for classical texts, although I find its interface a bit clunky sometimes.

In particular check out Apollodorus who wrote a Library of Mythology. The Perseus edition also contains the invaluable notes of JG Frazer.

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Im posting it again because it has all the mythological cycles posted,

Go into the site then go into the an chartlann section. then click mythology.

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I came across a new mythology on the website "" where it is claimed that human beings originally came from a planet in the Pleiades star cluster and that all subsequent mythologies about gods and goddesses are based on the beings who came from the stars.
What is the general opinion regarding such claims - does it make sense to claim that we should track our ancestors to hte stars? And what about claims that proof of human presence on Mars was found in the face of Cydonia and the Pyramids on Mars - can anybody who saw this Website tell me what they think?

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