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anyone know any sites where I can get sample answers for the comparatives?

im doing wuthering heights, a doll's house and a room with a view.

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#2 have a sample answer for a comparative, not sure if it covers your texts though. I think that's pretty much the only place you'll find a sample answer - I've been looking for awhile, can't find any others anywhere online.

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Really annoys me how there's such scarce LC resources online. There's such a market for it and is the only one doing anything of any significance. They're good for some things but most of the time they only give a very broad skim over the information. The notes on the comparative texts are useless. For my texts at least.

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Well, the problem with the comparatives is that there's such a huge combination of texts that people can chose - it's impossible to put up sample answers for each combinations. But I do agree with you on - their notes can be very vague and not a whole lot of use.
The thing is, when people are finished with the leaving cert, they really couldn't be bothered putting up their notes during the summer, they're all just glad to have it over with. As well as that, the english course changes its pool of poetry/texts each year - so any notes you may have for LC2004 might not be any use for LC2005.
I was thinking about maybe trying to setup a website that dealt specifically with the leaving cert and the most popular subjects - relevant links, marking schemes, notes, general tips, maybe a forum - then I realised that there's allready one online right here, but it looks a bit dead. Not much point in putting so much time and effort into a site like that when people just ignore it/can't be bothered with it untill the first week in June.

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yeah, I checked out that comparative answer on a while ago but im not doing any of the texts it compares. I also got a comparative answer when I did a revision course in ashfield but it didn't compare any of my texts either. The comparatives is the only thing I don't have good notes for.

thanks for the replies.

If anyone wants I can put up the comparative answers I got from ashfield.
it compares Things Fall Apart, On The Waterfront and Dancing At Lughnasa under Literary Genre, Theme and Cultural Context.

subway_ie Registered User

I'm doing Things Fall Apart - it'd be great if you could put them up.

accensi0n Registered User

I had to save the pages I scanned as image files because they were hand written so I compressed them using winzip but was unable to upload the zip file. I was going to upload them to some space I have on geocities. you have any idea what the story is?
sorry about this.

accensi0n Registered User

I think I got it working, try it.

you need winzip.

subway_ie Registered User

Thanks for that, downloaded fine. But it's got that weird headache-inducing handwriting. Arghhh. It's weird how he types out the quotes and then leaves everything else handwritten though. Thanks again for the notes.

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Probably a bit too late now, would have asked earlier had the boards not disappeared. Anyway, on the off chance that someone has any notes on Cultural Context for Plough and the Stars or Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, I'd appreciate them.

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