• English (47.61%)
  • French (20.81%)
  • "American" (12.44%)
  • Don't like Mustard (10.77%)
  • Atari Jaguar (3.83%)
  • German (4.55%)
chriscross1 Registered User

frenches american is the one and only mustard

Arkana Registered User

Lord - pardon them for they don't know what they are doin'...

With these unchristian words I say 'good bye' to this thread...

david21 Registered User

Powdered is you only man. Mix just before you use and feel the top of your head lift off

Like the green stuff you get in Jap Suschi bars. Anybody know where to buy it?

rubadub Registered User

Stark said:
Shouldn't you get a ban for suggesting American mustard? Disgusting stuff, hardly any flavour off it.
Thats exactly the point of it... Just like franks redhot chilli sauce is not particularly hot at all either, you can lash the stuff on. Like on a hot day I would drink a pint of cold beer rather than a whiskey, they all have their place.

French's has no added oils, many of the "deli mustards" out now are loaded with veg oil.

david21 said:
Like the green stuff you get in Jap Suschi bars. Anybody know where to buy it?
Wasabi, you can get it in tesco

Little Alex Registered User

I like them all, actually! Love horseradish, too.

I've never tried Löwensenf as I usually go for Bautz'ner instead, but I might get a tube of it the next time.

Another lovely one is the Swedish DRUVAN SENAP. They sell it in IKEA and it's a hotdog-style mustard, but (IMO) better than the American ones.

Misticles Registered User

I love really strong mustard - the burns your nostrils type

Mountainsandh Registered User

Well I'm French so it has to be French. God, I love my mustard !
I buy Maille of course, here in Ireland, but if in France, Amora is a good brand too.
I just got a stock of the French Lidl mustards, and they're lovely, the ones that come in a 3 pots pack : you get the shallot one (hhhhhmmm, heavenly twang), the standard one, and a herbes de provence one, that's nice too.

My favourites would be the plain ones, or the Tarragon one (and in French it's Estragon in case you're ever in France). Tarragon is SOMETHING ELSE. Not strong, but the flavour....

I tried a blackcurrant (pink !) mustard too, but that wasn't exceptional, nice for a change with a bit of strong red (game?) meat allright, in small doses.

Hey, all of you mustard lovers, since you've read that far, you get a reward : quick recipe for goooooorgeous chicken.
Make a paste with a whole jar of Maille mustard (plain, smooth), some rosemary, some butter (a tablespoon full), and a bit of salt.
Baste some chicken sticks/wings/legs with the paste, use lots of it, baste the chicken on all sides. Place that in a baking tray, and cook for ... ages, until mustard is gone brown (not burnt, but well brown). Boootiful.

AnotherTool Registered User

Simply cannot beat Lakeshore mustard. It's the shizz... Unreal dijon and various wholegrain mustards...

evercloserunion Registered User

Colemans English is the way to go.

Fart Registered User

Colemans is good, spread loads for it to be nice and hot.

I've also tried Welsh Red Mustard, its hot and sweet. Worth checking out; lovely with cheese.

William Powell Awaiting Email Confirmation

Depends on the food doesn't it?

Good beef/stake then the best is the old mix it up ourself Colmans English Mustard and spread nice and thick, woooow the flaaaaavour.

Lidl Frankfurter from a tin, well you didn't make any effort with the food so why make any effort with the Mustard, half a jar of "French" mustard per frankfurter will suffice.

Is mise le key Registered User

Ahh, fúckin delighted once i voted how high it was for english mustard, the forum would have had no credibility if french, or god forbid, american mustard came in ahead.

3 to 4mm thick english mustard, on 1cm thick baked ham, on 3cm fresh white vienna roll.

Mmmmmm, Christmas is almost here

santa & reindeer.bmp

Coleman's wholegrain mustard. Nyom nom nom!

Testacalda Registered User

English mustard on a ham sandwhich... why is there even need for other mustards to exist I ask...

kleefarr Registered User

Ready made Colemans English

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