eth0_ Registered User

I'll take one of the 15" TFT monitors, do you accept credit cards, does the price include VAT and how much would shipping be?

RicardoSmith Registered User

Yeah how for shipping to Dublin, do we get a discount if we buy more than one item?

AB03 Registered User

351098 FERRARI 360 MODENA 2 €17.71

Pretty good price for a modena. Would have preferred a tesstarossa tho!

DMT Registered User

Originally posted by Raskolnikov
this I assume is the crap that's left that no one wants.

Or possibly the stuff they bought at the liquidation auction with a view to selling for profit?

Normally trade-only my backside.

Woden Moderator

Originally posted by kmb

350253 TRUST MULTIFUNCTION H/SET 310 5 €9.18
351141 TRUST PREDATOR QZ 500 3 €9.67

at the moment i'm interested in these items


edit: or possible the top gun after burner 2

Scruff Registered User

i'm interested in


whats the make\model?

kamobe Registered User

I'll take one of the 15" LCD's if there are any left.

Blade Moderator

TBH I think this is in the correct category because KMB is not the one selling the items and they are not being sold on the thread like the rules that apply to the for sale board. He has given you all a bargain alert with a contact number and if I was you guys I'd ring the contact and haggle for the stuff you want before it's all gone.

CivilServant Registered User

Is Kmb getting back to us here? Or do we have to call/email him?

mad m Registered User

i rang the number and was talking to stuart,they have monitors but are looking for power supplies at mo which are in another warehouse and will know by monday,they will deliver to dublin etc.....seems like they only have a few monitors so get ringing......

kmb Registered User

Listen lads,i have nothing to do with this company directly but have traded with them for last 12 years.And yes they were pc superstore but started originally as direct memory.
I have given you stuarts number to contact,what more can i do?
wHAT I HAVE GIVEN YOU IS ONLY HALF THE LIST but why should i give rest if i am only taking flak for it.
this is a bargain forum,do not these prices constitute a bargain?
And Raskolnikov..if you call these items"crap" then you must be mad.!!
Tell me where else can you get 17" monitors for €43 ,6700 speakers for €29,combi drives etc for below trade prices?

Anyway i will not post the rest unless asked .

550187 MPEG CARD 6 €8.26
550193 128K ISDN INTERNAL ADAPTER OEM 1 €12.66

727129 CD/DVD PRINTER 2 €31.86
727132 IOMEGA ZIP 750mb USB STARTER 3 €28.28
727139 LITEON 52x32x52x CD-RW 1 €15.59
DVDR410DVDR4.7GBCAKEBOX104X120 DVDR+410 DVD+R 4.7GB CAKEBOX 10 4X 120 MIN 120 €6.44

Regards kieran

Woden Moderator

i emailed but there hasn't been a response


I had hoped in going down today but I *have* to study for exams. Ill pop down after the exams and see whats left...

Keeks Warez Mod

closed........doesn't really count as a bargain if you post the entire stock list. Ther are not all bargains.

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