vorbis Registered User

he did a lot for irish rugby

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Very sad, he made a huge contribution to Irish rugby.

Third_Echelon Registered User

yeah.. he was a good manager... great motivator..

he'll be missed.. to say the least...


I just heard.

Very sad day, he was without question a genuine legend in the game and a breath of fresh air outside it too. I caught the end of a report earlier so did'nt know how he died, I assumed it was a heart attack given his history.

I sort of thought the Doyler was indestructable..


bribren2001 Registered User

god i still wouldnt have known only for i read this thread.

RIP Mick- i use to love listening to him doing the commentary for the rugby matches on radio1!

Stormfox1020 Registered User

aye, he was a great man. Went to my school and all. we have a tornament in the school named after him, 'the doyle cup'.

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