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Provisional Rankings (After Shanghai Masters):

Prov RankPlayer Name08/09 Points09/10 PointsTotal Points
1John Higgins MBE31000 4480 35480
2Ronnie O'Sullivan238757000 30875
3Shaun Murphy23475 4480 27955
4Allister Carter24100 2660 26760
5Ryan Day21250 3500 24750
6Neil Robertson22825 980 23805
7Stephen Maguire22075 0 22075
8Marco Fu19275 2660 21935
9Ricky Walden15825 3500 19325
10Mark Selby17925 980 18905
11Stephen Hendry MBE16225 2660 18885
12Mark Allen17800 980 18780
13Liang Wenbo12325 5600 17925
14Ding Junhui13775 3500 17275
15Mark J Williams MBE14219 2660 16879
16Barry Hawkins14200 2660 16860
17Mark King14625 1960 16585
18Jamie Cope13763 2660 16423
19Michael Holt14275 1960 16235
20Graeme Dott14025 1960 15985
21Steve Davis OBE14975 805 15780
22Joe Perry14625 980 15605
23Stephen Lee13619 1960 15579
24Peter Ebdon14425 980 15405
25Matthew Stevens12669 2660 15329
26Dave Harold14363 805 15168
27Judd Trump14200 805 15005
28Joe Swail11919 1960 13879
29Stuart Bingham10644 2660 13304
30Stuart Pettman11607 1610 13217
31Jamie Burnett11250 1610 12860
32Anthony Hamilton10913 1610 12523
33Andrew Higginson10550 1960 12510
34Gerard Greene10513 1960 12473
35Martin Gould10232 1610 11842
36Mark Davis9875 1610 11485
37Ken Doherty7794 3500 11294
38Nigel Bond9082 1960 11042
39Mike Dunn10288 630 10918
40Dominic Dale9307 1610 10917
41Rory McLeod10238 630 10868
42Marcus Campbell8663 1960 10623
43Alan McManus9863 630 10493
44Andy Hicks9932 455 10387
45David Brown Gilbert7975 1610 9585
46Adrian Gunnell7950 1610 9560
47Jimmy White MBE8250 1260 9510
48Ian McCulloch8769 630 9399
49Rod Lawler7870 1260 9130
50Robert Milkins7857 1260 9117
51Fergal O'Brien8082 805 8887
52Michael Judge8257 630 8887
53Matthew Selt6825 1960 8785
54Tom Ford8313 455 8768
55Jimmy Michie8025 630 8655
56Joe Delaney7282 1260 8542
57Peter Lines7150 1260 8410
58Jin Long7888 455 8343
59Lee Spick6625 1610 8235
60Matthew Couch6750 1260 8010
61Paul Davies7438 455 7893
62David Morris7407 455 7862
63John Parrott MBE7400 455 7855
64Simon Bedford6200 1610 7810
65Daniel Wells6600 910 7510
66Patrick Wallace5875 1610 7485
67Jimmy Robertson58501610 7460
68Tony Drago5850 1260 7110
69Joe Jogia5850 1260 7110
70Noppadol Sangnil5850 1260 7110
71Michael White5850 1260 7110
72Mark Joyce6438 455 6893
73Barry Pinches6395 455 6850
74Xiao Guodong5850 910 6760
75Bjorn Haneveer5850 910 6760
76Brendan O'Donoghue5850 910 6760
77Craig Steadman5850 910 6760
78Ben Woollaston5850 910 6760
79Li Hang6250 0 6250
80Atthasit Mahitthi5850 280 6130
81Zhang Anda5850 280 6130
82Sam Baird5850 280 6130
83Mark Boyle5850 280 6130
84Jordan Brown5850 280 6130
85David Hogan5850 280 6130
86Christopher Norbury5850 280 6130
87Lee Page5850 280 6130
88Stephen Rowlings5850 280 6130
89Thepchaiya Un-Nooh5850 280 6130
90James Wattana5850 280 6130
91Ian Preece5645 280 5925
92Andrew Norman5613 280 5893
93Mei Xiwen5850 0 5850
94David Gray5320 280 5600
95Liu Song4895 455 5350
96David Roe4320 455 4775

  • The new/returning players to the tour have been awarded 5850 starter points.
  • Ken Doherty has jumped to 37th after reaching the Shanghai QF's.
  • Stephen Maguire has recieved 0 points in Shanghai because he was injured and unable to play. He has fell to 7th
  • With Ronnie winning, he is now 2nd and he has cut John's lead at the top to under 5000 points.

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Provisional Rankings (After The Grand Prix):

Prov RankPlayer NameTotal Points08/09 Points09/10 Points
1John Higgins MBE39960310008960
2Ronnie O'Sullivan33535238759660
3Neil Robertson30805228257980
4Shaun Murphy28935234755460
5Allister Carter27740241003640
6Ryan Day25730212504480
7Stephen Maguire25715220753640
8Marco Fu22915192753640
9Ding Junhui22875137759100
10Mark Allen22280178004480
11Stephen Hendry MBE21545162255320
12Mark J Williams MBE21359142197140
13Ricky Walden21285158255460
14Liang Wenbo19885123257560
15Mark Selby19885179251960
16Mark King19245146254620
17Joe Perry19105146254480
18Jamie Cope19083137635320
19Peter Ebdon18905144254480
20Barry Hawkins17665142003465
21Matthew Stevens17289126694620
22Michael Holt17040142752765
23Graeme Dott16790140252765
24Steve Davis OBE16585149751610
25Stephen Lee16384136192765
26Dave Harold15973143631610
27Judd Trump15810142001610
28Stuart Bingham15264106444620
29Jamie Burnett14820112503570
30Joe Swail14684119192765
31Gerard Greene14433105133920
32Mark Davis1414598754270
33Ken Doherty1395477946160
34Stuart Pettman13847116072240
35Anthony Hamilton13153109132240
36Andrew Higginson13140105502590
37Nigel Bond1300290823920
38Robert Milkins1261778574760
39Marcus Campbell1258386633920
40Mike Dunn12528102882240
41Dominic Dale1252793073220
42Martin Gould12472102322240
43Rory McLeod11498102381260
44Ian McCulloch1135987692590
45David Brown Gilbert1119579753220
46Adrian Gunnell1117079503220
47Alan McManus1112398631260
48Andy Hicks108429932910
49Matthew Selt1074568253920
50Rod Lawler1074078702870
51Tom Ford1002883131715
52Peter Lines1002071502870
53Jimmy White MBE996582501715
54Fergal O'Brien969280821610
55Michael Judge951782571260
56Barry Pinches951063953115
57David Morris947274072065
58Jimmy Michie928580251260
59Paul Davies915374381715
60John Parrott MBE911574001715
61Joe Delaney899772821715
62Matthew Couch892067502170
63Mark Joyce885364382415
64Jin Long87987888910
65Patrick Wallace874558752870
66Simon Bedford872062002520
67Lee Spick851566251890
68Daniel Wells842066001820
69Tony Drago837058502520
70Joe Jogia802058502170
71Michael White802058502170
72Jimmy Robertson774058501890
73Bjorn Haneveer767058501820
74Li Hang751062501260
75Zhang Anda739058501540
76Noppadol Sangnil739058501540
77Mark Boyle704058501190
78Xiao Guodong704058501190
79Brendan O'Donoghue704058501190
80Stephen Rowlings704058501190
81Craig Steadman704058501190
82Thepchaiya Un-Nooh704058501190
83Ben Woollaston704058501190
84Andrew Norman680356131190
85Liu Song661048951715
86David Gray651053201190
87Atthasit Mahitthi64105850560
88Sam Baird64105850560
89Jordan Brown64105850560
90David Hogan64105850560
91Christopher Norbury64105850560
92Lee Page64105850560
93James Wattana64105850560
94Ian Preece62055645560
95Mei Xiwen61305850280
96David Roe52304320910

  • The new/returning players to the tour were awarded 5850 starter points at the start of the season.
  • Ken Doherty now up to 33rd after another good tournament.
  • Mark Selby's terrible start to the season drops him to 15th.
  • Robertson's win leaps him up to a carear high 3rd.
  • John Higgins's lead at the top has extended to over 6000 points.

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Provisional Rankings (After The UK Championship):

Prov RankPlayer NameTotal Points08/09 Points09/10 Points
1John Higgins MBE463603100015360
2Ronnie O'Sullivan386552387514780
3Neil Robertson338452282511020
4Shaun Murphy31975234758500
5Allister Carter31740241007640
6Ding Junhui 308751377517100
7Stephen Maguire30835220758760
8Ryan Day 26850212505600
9Stephen Hendry MBE24585162258360
10Mark J Williams MBE243991421910180
11Marco Fu 24035192754760
12Liang Wenbo238851232511560
13Mark Selby 23885179255960
14Ricky Walden23525158257700
15Mark Allen 23400178005600
16Mark King 22285146257660
17Peter Ebdon 21945144257520
18Jamie Cope 21323137637560
19Joe Perry 20225146255600
20Matthew Stevens19529126696860
21Stephen Lee 19424136195805
22Michael Holt19280142755005
23Steve Davis OBE18825149753850
24Barry Hawkins18585142004385
25Stuart Bingham18304106447660
26Judd Trump 18050142003850
27Dave Harold 16893143632530
28Graeme Dott16790140252765
29Gerard Greene16673105136160
30Mark Davis 1598598756110
31Ken Doherty 1579477948000
32Joe Swail 15604119193685
33Jamie Burnett15540112504290
34Anthony Hamilton15393109134480
35Andrew Higginson14980105504430
36Mike Dunn 14768102884480
37Stuart Pettman14567116072960
38Robert Milkins1445778576600
39Dominic Dale1436793075060
40Peter Lines 1402071506870
41Nigel Bond 1392290824840
42Rory McLeod13738102383500
43Marcus Campbell1330386634640
44Martin Gould13192102322960
45Adrian Gunnell1301079505060
46Andy Hicks 1228299322350
47Tom Ford 1226883133955
48Matthew Selt1218568255360
49Ian McCulloch1207987693310
50Alan McManus1184398631980
51David Brown Gilbert1171579753740
52Michael Judge1135782573100
53Rod Lawler 1126078703390
54Jimmy Michie1112580253100
55Fergal O'Brien1061280822530
56John Parrott MBE1055574003155
57Joe Delaney 1043772823155
58Mark Joyce 1029364383855
59Simon Bedford1016062003960
60Barry Pinches1003063953635
61David Morris999274072585
62Jimmy White MBE996582501715
63Matthew Couch996067503210
64Michael White986058504010
65Tony Drago 981058503960
66Patrick Wallace978558753910
67Paul Davies 967374382235
68Jin Long 931878881430
69Jimmy Robertson918058503330
70Craig Steadman888058503030
71Thepchaiya Un-Nooh888058503030
72Lee Spick 883566252210
73Daniel Wells874066002140
74Ben Woollaston848058502630
75Joe Jogia 834058502490
76Xiao Guodong808058502230
77Bjorn Haneveer799058502140
78Atthasit Mahitthi785058502000
79Li Hang 783062501580
80Zhang Anda 771058501860
81Noppadol Sangnil771058501860
82Sam Baird 745058501600
83Jordan Brown745058501600
85James Wattana745058501600
86Mark Boyle 736058501510
87Brendan O'Donoghue736058501510
88Stephen Rowlings736058501510
89Liu Song 713048952235
90Andrew Norman712356131510
91David Gray 683053201510
92Christopher Norbury67305850880
93Lee Page 67305850880
94Ian Preece 65255645880
95Mei Xiwen 64505850600
96David Roe 575043201430

  • The new/returning players to the tour were awarded 5850 starter points at the start of the season.
  • Ken Doherty now into top 32 @ 31 despite failing to qualify for telford.
  • Ding's win hoists him up to 6th.
  • Jimmy White falls to 62nd due to attending the UK qualifiers (For I'm a Celebrity).
  • John Higgins's lead at the top has extended to over 7500 points.

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Provisional Rankings (After The Welsh Open):

Prov RankPlayer NameTotal Points08/09 Points09/10 Points
1John Higgins MBE513603100020360
2Ronnie O'Sullivan418552387517980
3Neil Robertson357452282512920
4Allister Carter357402410011640
5Stephen Maguire340352207511960
6Shaun Murphy32675234759200
7Ding Junhui315751377517800
8Ryan Day29350212508100
9Mark J Williams MBE268991421912680
10Stephen Hendry MBE264851622510260
11Mark Selby26385179258460
12Mark Allen25900178008100
13Marco Fu24735192755460
14Liang Wenbo244601232512135
15Mark King24185146259560
16Ricky Walden24100158258275
17Jamie Cope23223137639460
18Peter Ebdon22645144258220
19Matthew Stevens21429126698760
20Graeme Dott20930140256905
21Joe Perry20925146256300
22Barry Hawkins20485142006285
23Stephen Lee19999136196380
24Michael Holt19855142755580
25Stuart Bingham19704106449060
26Judd Trump19450142005250
27Steve Davis OBE19400149754425
28Dave Harold18293143633930
29Mark Davis1738598757510
30Gerard Greene17248105136735
31Ken Doherty1694477949150
32Andrew Higginson16880105506330
33Anthony Hamilton16543109135630
34Joe Swail16179119194260
35Jamie Burnett15990112504740
36Dominic Dale1576793076460
37Stuart Pettman15717116074110
38Robert Milkins1535778577500
39Mike Dunn15218102884930
40Rory McLeod14888102384650
41Marcus Campbell1470386636040
42Nigel Bond1449790825415
43Peter Lines1434571507195
44Tom Ford1366883135355
45Martin Gould13642102323410
46Adrian Gunnell1346079505510
47Ian McCulloch1322987694460
48Andy Hicks1318299323250
49Matthew Selt1308568256260
50Alan McManus1299398633130
51Michael Judge1275782574500
52David Brown Gilbert1261579754640
53Fergal O'Brien1201280823930
54Rod Lawler1158578703715
55Jimmy Michie1157580253550
56Tony Drago1121005360
57Barry Pinches1118063954785
58David Morris1089274073485
59John Parrott MBE1088074003480
60Jimmy White MBE1086582502615
61Joe Delaney1076272823480
62Mark Joyce1061864384180
63Patrick Wallace1043558754560
64Simon Bedford1036062004160
65Matthew Couch1016067503410
66Michael White1006004210
67Paul Davies999874382560
68Jimmy Robertson983003980
69Craig Steadman978003930
70Thepchaiya Un-Nooh978003930
71Jin Long964378881755
72Lee Spick903566252410
73Joe Jogia899003140
74Xiao Guodong898003130
75Li Hang898062502730
76Daniel Wells894066002340
77Bjorn Haneveer889003040
78Ben Woollaston868002830
79Zhang Anda861002760
80Liu Song853048953635
81Atthasit Mahitthi850058502650
82Jordan Brown810002250
83James Wattana810002250
84Stephen Rowlings801002160
85Noppadol Sangnil791002060
86Sam Baird765001800
87David Hogan765001800
88Brendan O'Donoghue756001710
89Lee Page738001530
90Mark Boyle736001510
91Andrew Norman732356131710
92David Gray703053201710
93Christopher Norbury693001080
94Ian Preece672556451080
95Mei Xiwen66500800
96David Roe607543201755

  • Ken Doherty stays in top 32 (Just about).
  • Ali Carter hoisted up to 4th.
  • John Higgins's lead at the top has extended to almost 10,000 points, providing he at least matches Ronnie O'Sullivan's performance in China he will be the world no. 1 regardless of what happens at the World Championship.
  • Only the China Open and World Championship remain.

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Provisional Rankings (After The China Open):

Prov RankPlayer NameTotal Points08/09 Points09/10 Points
1John Higgins MBE540203100023020
2Ronnie O'Sullivan428352387518960
3Allister Carter402202410016120
4Neil Robertson384052282515580
5Ding Junhui371751377523400
6Stephen Maguire366952207514620
7Mark J Williams MBE338991421919680
8Shaun Murphy336552347510180
9Ryan Day320102125010760
10Mark Allen303801780012580
11Stephen Hendry MBE299851622513760
12Mark Selby290451792511120
13Marco Fu28235192758960
14Mark King276851462513060
15Peter Ebdon261451442511720
16Liang Wenbo252651232512940
17Jamie Cope251831376311420
18Ricky Walden24905158259080
19Joe Perry23585146258960
20Graeme Dott22890140258865
21Barry Hawkins22445142008245
22Matthew Stevens22234126699565
23Judd Trump21410142007210
24Stephen Lee20804136197185
25Michael Holt20660142756385
26Stuart Bingham20509106449865
27Steve Davis OBE20205149755230
28Mark Davis1934598759470
29Gerard Greene19208105138695
30Dave Harold19098143634735
31Andrew Higginson18840105508290
32Ken Doherty18554779410760
33Jamie Burnett17600112506350
34Robert Milkins1731778579460
35Mike Dunn17178102886890
36Anthony Hamilton17173109136260
37Nigel Bond1715790828075
38Joe Swail16984119195065
39Rory McLeod16848102386610
40Dominic Dale1639793077090
41Stuart Pettman16347116074740
42Marcus Campbell1533386636670
43Tom Ford1527883136965
44Adrian Gunnell1507079507120
45Peter Lines1480071507650
46Alan McManus1460398634740
47Andy Hicks1444299324510
48Michael Judge1436782576110
49Martin Gould14272102324040
50Matthew Selt1399568257170
51Fergal O'Brien1397280825890
52David Brown Gilbert1387579755900
53Ian McCulloch1385987695090
54Rod Lawler1354578705675
55Tony Drago1317058507320
56Barry Pinches1244063956045
57Jimmy Michie1220580254180
58Mark Joyce1187864385440
59Matthew Couch1142067504670
60David Morris1134774073940
61Patrick Wallace1134558755470
62John Parrott MBE1133574003935
63Jimmy White MBE1132082503070
64Joe Delaney1121772823935
65Jimmy Robertson1109058505240
66Michael White1097058505120
67Bjorn Haneveer1085058505000
68Simon Bedford1064062004440
69Paul Davies1045374383015
70Joe Jogia1025058504400
71Xiao Guodong1024058504390
72Jin Long1009878882210
73Craig Steadman1006058504210
74Thepchaiya Un-Nooh1006058504210
75James Wattana1006058504210
76Ben Woollaston959058503740
77Lee Spick931566252690
78Sam Baird926058503410
79Li Hang926062503010
80Daniel Wells922066002620
81Liu Song898548954090
82Zhang Anda889058503040
83Atthasit Mahitthi878058502930
84Jordan Brown838058502530
85Stephen Rowlings829058502440
86Christopher Norbury819058502340
87Noppadol Sangnil819058502340
88David Gray794053202620
89David Hogan793058502080
90Brendan O'Donoghue784058501990
91Lee Page766058501810
92Mark Boyle764058501790
93Ian Preece763556451990
94Andrew Norman760356131990
95Mei Xiwen756058501710
96David Roe653043202210

  • John Higgins will be the World number 1 for the 2010/2011 season regardless of what happens at the World Championship.
  • Ken Doherty stays in top 32 (Barely). If he beats Mark Selby in Sheffield he should stay in there.
  • Ali Carter now up to 3rd.
  • The race is on for Number 2 spot with O'Sullivan, Carter, Robertson, Ding & Maguire all in with a big shout.
  • The World Championship (17th April - 3rd May) is the only ranking event remaining.
  • The top 16 is wide open and a decent/poor World Championship could see many players promoted/relegated.

Snookermad Registered User

So now that ken lost against selby will he still have his top 32 place?

celticfc Moderator

Snookermad said:
So now that ken lost against selby will he still have his top 32 place?

Rite, I've after doing some maths there and.....

...He's safe!!!

He should finish in either 30th or 31st position depending on how far Martin Gould goes in the tournament (This is on the presumtion that Stuart Pettman who is 8-1 down overnight is knocked out tomorrow).

Now, as far as I can see, because Ken has had such a good season this year, when next years season begins he will be provisionally for the next season in the top 16 (13-16'ish dependant on how some others do in the WC). So he will be well placed to be a top 16 player for the 2011/2012 season if he keeps some form going.

zack01 Banned

Yeah he has safely secured his top 32 place for next season,Ken is provisionally ranked 30th with 21354 ranking points for this season. With Pettman and O'Brien looking like first round casualties as well the nearest trouble to him is Martin Gould who currently lies on 18072 pts but with a further 5000 pts to be gained if he overcomes Joe Perry in the last 16, even if Gould does win that match he will just move Ken down one spot to 31 and he himself should climb to around 25.

Perry himself will have the chance to climb back into the top 16 should he beat Gould, i really hope he does as he's one of the nicest guys you could wish to meet, hence the nickname 'Gentleman Joe Perry'.

Interestingly enough is the one year ranking list which sees Ken currently lying in 14th spot, this is the ranking list favoured by new chairman Barry Hearn as it rewards players on current form and not something they did over two seasons.

Snookermad Registered User

Thanks guys great to know

celticfc Moderator

Rankings Update

The race for number 2:
Well although John Higgins had the no. 1 spot sewn up since before the WC, the no. 2 spot is still very undecided.

If Ali Carter loses his semi-final and Neil Robertson fails to win the World Championship, Ronnie O'Sullivan will be no. 2. However, if Ali makes it through to the final and Neil wins the title Ronnie could be no. 4.

Either way they will be 2nd, 3rd & 4th.

The Top 16:
The top 16 is now decided with Liang Wenbo debuting and Graeme Dott returning. Subsequently Joe Perry & Peter Ebdon bow out and have to go to the qualifiers.

The Top 32:
Ken Doherty comes back in & Fergal O'Brien goes out.

syngindub Registered User

RankPlayer Name
1. John Higgins
2. Neil Robertson
3. Mark Williams
4. Ding Junhui
5. Shaun Murphy
6. Mark Selby
7. Allister Carter
8. Stephen Maguire
9. Ronnie O'Sullivan
10. Graeme Dott
11. Mark Allen
12. Peter Ebdon
13. Jamie Cope
14. Stephen Hendry
15. Ricky Walden
16. Mark King
17. Stuart Bingham
18. Marco Fu
19. Mark Davis
20. Stephen Lee
21. Martin Gould
22. Matthew Stevens
23. Andrew Higginson
24. Liang Wenbo
25. Ryan Day
26. Judd Trump
27. Barry Hawkins
28. Ken Doherty
29. Gerard Greene
30. Tom Ford
31. Marcus Campbell
32. Joe Perry
33. Dominic Dale
34. Fergal O'Brien
35. Mike Dunn
36. Robert Milkins
37. Nigel Bond
38. Rory McLeod
39. Anthony Hamilton
40. Jamie Burnett
41. Steve Davis
42. Michael Holt
43. Peter Lines
44. Barry Pinches
45. Joe Swail
46. Tony Drago
47. Mark Joyce
48. Alan McManus
49. Matthew Selt
50. Dave Harold
51. Adrian Gunnell
52. Andy Hicks
53. Jamie Jones
54. Stuart Pettman
55. Rod Lawler
56. Anthony McGill
57. Jimmy White
58. Shailesh Jogia
59. Alfred Burden
60. Ian McCulloch
61. Bjorn Haneveer
62. Jack Lisowski
63. Jimmy Robertson
64. Patrick Wallace
65. Liam Highfield
66. Matthew Couch
67. Liu Chuang
68. Xiao Guodong
69. Michael White
70. David Morris
71. Liu Song
72. Jimmy Michie
73. James Wattana
74. Igor Figueiredo
75. Andrew Pagett
76. Ben Woollaston
77. Kyren Wilson
78. David Gilbert
79. Michael Judge
80. Paul Davison
81. James McBain
82. Simon Bedford
83. Joe Delaney
84. Anda Zhang
85. Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon
86. Paul Davies
87. Issara Kachaiwong
87. Justin Astley
88. Adam Wicheard
88. Patrick Einsle
91. Dermot McGlinchey
92. Kuldesh Johal
93. Kurt Maflin
94. Noppon Saengkham
95. Jak Jones
96. Jamie O'Neill
97. Reanne Evans
98. John Parrott
99. David Gray
100. David Roe
101. Sam Baird
102. Mei Xiwen
103. Stephen Rowlings
104. Andrew Norman

    Ranking System has changed for the 2010 Season. Rankings will be updated after each event

zack01 Banned

Here are the updated world rankings after the China Open:

The number after each player is their points accumulated:

1. John Higgins 58820
2. Mark Williams 56760
3. Mark Selby 55965
4. Ding Junhui 53360
5. Neil Robertson 53100
6. Shaun Murphy 51165
7. Stephen Maguire 48900
8. Allister Carter 47040
9. Graeme Dott 39730
10. Ronnie O'Sullivan 39460
11. Mark Allen 38705
12. Stephen Hendry 36620
13. Peter Ebdon 36480
14. Judd Trump 36015
15. Jamie Cope 35580
16. Ricky Walden 34850
17. Matthew Stevens 34745
18. Stephen Lee 34420
19. Mark Davis 34280
20. Stuart Bingham 34275
21. Marco Fu 33520
22. Martin Gould 31950
23. Andrew Higginson 31070
24. Ryan Day 30385
25. Mark King 30210
26. Barry Hawkins 30125
27. Liang Wenbo 29600
28. Marcus Campbell 28315
29. Gerard Greene 28080
30. Ken Doherty 28060
31. Joe Perry 27350
32. Tom Ford 26505

The winner Judd Trump moves up to number 14 while runner up Mark Selby climbs up to third.
Ken Doherty drops one place to 30 but should just about hold on to his top 32 ranking this season.

celticfc Moderator

zack01 said:

Ken Doherty drops one place to 30 but should just about hold on to his top 32 ranking this season.

Yea, I was looking at that the other day, Ken has been really very fortunate that most of the guys around him failed to qualify for the WC too.

However, with Ken only getting 1150 losing points from the World Championship, Joe Perry and Dominic Dale could easily drop him to 32nd and if Rory McLeod were to get to the semi's he would be out, a bit unlikely maybe but you just never know.

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