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Hi there,

I have created a new identity (scumbag) just as I do not want to use my other account..I just wanna see what my fellow dublinners (or anybody having similar issue) think.
You are never too paranoid :-(( moderator please understand that I do not want to be identified...I am sure you can but ...
I live in an appartment block in Dublin and recently we have had problem with some scumbags using our fire exit stairs to do drugs, drinking and degrading the area.
There will never be there at the same time/same fire exit and there are about 7-10 of them each time.
We have managed to chase them out a couple of time but of course they are always back.
I guess they are getting into the building using the access code(which has been disable, I do not even know it) or ringing appartments randomly untill an assole buzz them in.
I know that the solution would be to disconnect the intercom system all toghether this is not going to happen.

I called the guarda but they could only tell me that next time we see them we should call them and if drung are found they would arrest them...but leave them back out the next day to come back pist off to do even more damage and trouble.

Likewise, I am worried that if we keep on chasing them away they might become agressive(high on drugs or pist) and ending up with more problem than before.

What can we do? any of you have been confronted to something like this ? How are we suppose to react ? any suggestion are welcome,(not the wicklow montains)

We do not know what to do anymore, I am so p***off

"I choose that name to see how it feel's to be called a scumbag...Oh man I would really want to hide and make myself as little as possible for the least"



visit the local sinn fein office, say you have a large group of floating voters who are having some trouble in their residence, they'll sort it out 4 you, doesn't mean u have to vote for the wallies though

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what bananna said.... the one positive side of SFs paramilitary links, although vigilantism opens up a huge flood gate about this and that... lets not get into it.

Ring them up, explain the problem, and about 1 week later you'll see all the scumbags hobbling along with crutches and casts.... , sweet illegal justice.


seamus Dental Plan!

Pellet Guns. Every time they're on the stairs, go out there and unload a few. Aim for the eyes. they'll stop returning pretty soon.

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Originally posted by seamus
...Aim for the eyes.....


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same situation is happening in my mates apartment block just at the end of temple bar.. across the road from dublin castle...

they are having big problems with druggies and scumbags getting pissed on their stairwell as well...

they've called the cops a load of times.. im not sure whats happened about it..

i've happened to be there a few times when leaving my mates place and there was said undesirables in my passage... not a nice situation to say the least.... dive for the elevator was the safest option i think...

when you are paying a lot of money for a place to live, the least you expect is that you would be able to feel safe enough in the place that you live... its a disgrace...

good idea about the SF office...

i think its an issue that will be with us for a long time to come...

sometimes vigilantism is the only medicine strong enough for such an infliction...

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round them all up and stick them on sceilig mhichil - they'll eventually become extinct. either that or breed voraciously...... (i haven't thought this one through)

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Is there a firehose? If so just give them a good wash... we used to this all the time to the art students in college

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Would it be possible & legal to remove all light from the fire escape area. Have the lighting linked to the fire alarm. No alarm No light No scumbags!

Also call a meeting of the occupants. Usually meetings are only with management and owners. Tennants often never get to attend. If everyone is aware of the problem then there should be less blind 'buzzing in' of people. If a meeting can't be organised then do a flyer for everyone in the building.



Originally posted by beardedchicken
round them all up and stick them on sceilig mhichil - they'll eventually become extinct. either that or breed voraciously...... (i haven't thought this one through)

and after a few (very quick) generations you get

Well its a thought that cheers me up anyway (they had it comin'!)

Or take action now with new improved -


seamus Dental Plan!

In all seriousness, have a chat to your neighbours and maybe the management company. See if you can have UV lighting installed in the fire exits. It doesn't remove their ability to see, but it's damn irritating.

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i know it depends if they are 'shooting up' or not.. but i remember that a lot of places like mc donalds and burger king etc installed those 'black' lights in their jacks so junkies couldnt see their veins...

might be a good idea.. but if you were wearing a white t-shirt you'd glow like a christmas tree....

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Well if you want rid of scumbags I suggest all the working people move out of Ireland, then let the rest of them bleed the country dry until there's nothing left and they all die of starvation.
That's one way of doing it.

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I say we poison all the dutch gold imported into the country. Then watch the corpses rot into the soil. Hopefully they will fertilise it and give us better crops.
Or maybe some kind of "death" camp. We can advertise it with free caps and bad hair cuts. Of course it wont be called a death camp but maybe a comp of "rapehness". Then we continue to gas them and grind up their bodies and feed them to the empoverished. We can also use their clothes to makes blankets for the poor too. Yes i have plans mwhaahahahahahaha!!!!

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Changing the lighting is not going to do much good. The only real way to deal with it get 5 or 6 mates over - each equipped with a balaclava, couple of baseball bats and some long sharp blades. Wait for the scumbags to gather and then simply walk down to them and have a word. Chances are they'll all run a mile when they first see you's - and just make it clear the next time you's see them - they won't be able to walk for the rest of their natural lives.

They'll move on....problem solved

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