banbutcher Registered User

jason and the wheeled warriors
punky bruster (anyone remember this)
ulyseeys (spelling !?)

all classics in their own time!

BuffyBot Administrator

Animaniacs had a great theme tune!

Iron Petes Registered User

I have to agree the theme tune to Ullesys (forgive the spelling, I know there's a Y in there somewhere) is absolutely brilliant. Ullesys, Ullesys, Flying through the galaxy ....unadultarated genius. I don't know if you remember Pob on BBC, also classic theme music . All the characters had different tunes (Auntie flow and Farmer Barlie moe .....I think) and the milkshake-obsessed frog conductor Fantastic!

Iron Petes Registered User

Actually I think it was Bod & not Pob

daveJAM Registered User

Yeah it was Bod. I heard it a while ago as a ringtone at Darkside. Think it was Bio's phone.

How could ye forget Hawaii 5 0.

Call 11 8 50, 1, 1, 8, 5, 0!

BuffyBot Administrator

Cagney and Lacey and it's seemingly never ending saxaphone solo at the end

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