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I set up an email account with Eircom. However I can send email OK but incoming mails are not showing , either in the webmail section at eircom. net or on web2mail.

I can receive OK in Outlook Express.

I have another address and the mails are OK in web2mail but not in Eircom webmail (a lot are missing).

I can't understand why the received emails are not showing in web2mail.

Any ideas? I have checked everything I could think of, and no joy.

thanks for any help


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email 101.

When you check your email from Outlook Express, the default setting is to download your email and delete it from the server. So when you check it with another client , it's not there, because it's saved onto your computer.

Eircom webmail is a pain in the tits in that it acts like it's own personal version of Outlook. So when you use the webmail client, it downloads the emails, deletes them from the server and stores them on another server.

Which explains why some emails are in your Outlook and others are in your webmail.

The other mails are visible in mail2web because you haven't downloaded them yet.


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Thank you so much, I knew it was something idiotic on my part (had forgotten to tick " leave a copy on server" AND had not checked the advanced section when I checked the settings.

Is there such a thing as a rec. on this board?


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