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Ireland's first Christian Radio station is on the air every weekend, from Midnight Friday to Midnight Sunday, on 89.9FM in the Dublin area.

I share an office with Spirit FM, and I'll be a guest DJ from 4 to 5 pm this Sunday. Last time I was on, I played the Trogdor song and the Soviet National Anthem.

watty Registered User

If we count people with no licences, it isn't the first

Seaneh Banned

This is good news for ICB/UCB, they were told 11 years ago that a christian radio station would be illeagle!
Now the can push for a licence and switch to FM, I can't wait to tell Mr. Boyle.

Manach Moderator

Gosh, as a programming suggestion might I suggest you could deliver some of the news in Latin, like the Finnish Station yleradio1
In the spirit of ecumenism of course.

drowningbeetle Registered User

just to let you know that Spirit Fm is back on air on the 27th of January!!!
its also got a new frequency which is 94.4 FM

buellershow Registered User

Sounds excellent too. I've always been into a wide variety of music, especially Phantom styled music, and Spirit has played some very good stuff.

Call_Me,Stan Registered User

This is Spirit's last weekend.

I'm doing the news tomorrow and Sunday afternoon.

The future of Christian radio in Ireland is looking good though. There should be a couple of stations around the country in the next 6 months.
Also, it's looking likely there'll be a national one on AM.

Please pray that this last weekend reaches its full potential.

lone_wolf Registered User

good job on the last weekend of broadcasting at Spirit. Are there any other christian stations broadcasting on the Irish wavelengths at the moment, do you know? I hope to hear you guys back on air soon!

Call_Me,Stan Registered User

the station is having a meeting on Thursday next week to decide where we go from here.

UCB is being broadcast (illegally for now, but that may change) on MW, I'm not sure what the frequency is but it's roughly the MW equivalent of 89.9fm.

There are a couple of other stations springing up in Athlone, Dundalk and I think, Cork, but I'm not sure on the details. I'm not sure on the details.

Btw, if anyone is interested in getting involved in Spirit, contact them at info@spirit.ie .

Carole M Registered User

No one has mentioned that this new station is blocking BBC Radio 2 which has a high listenership in Ireland. Apparently nobody cares, yet if BBC 1 television was blocked by a new Irish TV Station,l there would be uproar.

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Fanny Cradock Registered User

Your first post was to drag up a 5-year old thread to bitch about a station that has been granted a licence to broadcast on that particular frequency? Great. Thanks. Together we might just bear this tragedy.

Or instead of getting all offended and throwing around silly accusations you might just want to go here.

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