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A showing of Revolution os will be on in the main Auditorium, on the 23th of feb at 8:00pm, In the WIT(Waterford Instuite Of technology).
Everyone is welcome
Students, lectures, people off the street, aka (bums).
Admission FREE.

scojones Banned

Do you know of any stores that sell this dvd? I'm not talking about buying online. Virgin Megastores maybe?

oslin Registered User

Got it from Amazon.com, It the only place that i could find that stocked it.

nosmo Registered User

It's available on ThinkGeek.com as well, but I really wouldn't advise buying it there unless you were already getting an order in.

It's not too bad at all.

Cabaal Ultra Running Mod

Your right thinkgeek.com have it
I've seen it and I have to say I liked it alot

Great bews so hear its showing in WIT

zekiel Registered User

I watched this last night, its not bad although some of the issues that they discuss through it are repeated several times and makes you feel like its being dragged out just for the sake of filling a dvd.
But overall I give it a thumbs up for being informative with regard to gnu and open source.

po0k Registered User

It will be shown in NUIG at the end of February.
I'll post details to this thread when I've got a final date.
Alternatively check out http://www.compsoc.nuigalway.ie

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