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What is the story here? I say brang ALL THE TIME instead of brought. I always thought it was just a variation but by girlfriend pulls me up on it all the time and says it's not a real word. It's not in but if you google it you see that in some dialects it is used. I'm australian born, I wonder is it a remnent of my old accent (I moved to Ireland 12 years ago but I stll have some things like pronouncing the letter "r" I say "aaarr" whereas Irish people pronounce it more like "oar"). Maybe it will be one of those words that gets accepted as a word as so many people use it?

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hmm..brang. Nope, never heard of it.

Sleipnir Registered User

Brang is not a word.

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Brang is not an english word.

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"brang" is in common parlance in working class areas like Bray.
It is also common with 3-5 year olds.


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if it is a word, then collage is where i go to... people are idiots. just because they outnumber you doesn't mean that they are correct. kill 'em. KILL 'EM ALL.

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"brang" is in common parlance in working class areas like Bray.
It is also common with 3-5 year olds.


WTF! I wish I BRANG my beating stick so I could do some beating with you. If you ask me I don't trust someone who uses the word parlance in everyday conversation!

So noone else uses it? I mean its not like saying "I rided my bike (or your ma)" it doesn't sound out of place if you ask me.

Lump Moderator

Actually it is a word..... brung ( P ) Pronunciation Key (brng)
v. Usage Problem
A past tense and a past participle of bring. See Usage Note at bring.

I stand corrected.


Stark Registered User

I dun brung it with me.

will bring

There you go.

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In some dialects the past tense of "bring" is "brang" and "brung" is the past participle; but in standard English both are "brought."

By all means use 'brang' in conversation among your mates, but don't use its written form in your thesis.

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Is 'noone' (which I cant help but read as noon) a word? Or am I missing something? A tap of the spacebar perhaps??

KlodaX Registered User

"I wish I brang my beating stick"

LMAO ... I haven't heard that word being used in soooo long!

its like a past tense of brought .... :dunno: but brought is past tense?

I dunno ... I not was the goodest at english.

Lump Moderator

it's supposed to read no-one afaik.



No one ----> 2 words

Nobody -----> 1 word

People probably mix the two of them up!

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Sorry that was meant to read "no one". Jesus my grammar really is in the spotlight. If it is used in some dialects then why don't have any listing for it at all? I'm 23 and it has only been pointed out to me now. No one (I was careful there!) has ever looked at me funny when I used it in the 22 years (well 21 that first year was a little quiet) i've been saying it.
My girlfriend is a teacher however and tought english to chinese students for 2 years so I suppose she is on permanent grammar watch as a result......heh heh that reminds me one time she was teaching the chinese students the phrase

"When I (something) I will (something)"

she went through the whole class and no one (aaah ha nearly) got it right, all she got was "when i dog barking I will small cat" and other such gems and finally she got to this guy who stood up and said "when I go to bed I will masturbate".....she pissed herslef and had to say well done because he's the only one who got it and to make matters worse none of the rest of them knew what "masturbate" meant so they all typed it into their electronic talking dictionaries which they ALL have and the room was filled with what sounded like one of Stephen Hawkings home made porno's!

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