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Interesting fact: I should probably check my Interesting Facts are correct before posting them

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Interesting Fact: Check out the nakid PS2

monument Moderator

Interesting Fact: New rules (7 & 8) added to the charter. Take note!

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Interesting Fact: The charter has been updated!

Mr E Administrator

Rule 1 changed (admission of piracy is now zero tolerance and an infractable offense)

Mr E Administrator

There is a new dispute resolution procedure in place. If you feel you that have been banned unfairly, please follow the complaints procedure as outlined in this forum.

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Mr E Administrator

Bypassing the swear filter is now an escalating offense (Yellow Card -> Red Card -> Ban)

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johnny_ultimate Production Model EVA-02

Hi all,

Please note the new rules regarding discussion of regional workarounds. This basically means no explaining how to circumvent technical or practical restrictions on content from different regions.

This change is being rolled out across the games category after much discussion between the mods and input from the admins. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to drop myself or Retr0gamer a PM.

Thanks everybody.

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