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I'm a student, currently doing a Computer Science degree at Queen's Belfast.

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I never posted my colours to the mast here so.....

I'm a current working member of the RPSI and the Downpatrick and County Down Railwayl I am a member of the IRRS and I am also the current chairman of the Irish Heritage Railway Group, a group undertaking a study to examine suitable location/s and viability plans for potential preserved lines in Ireland.

My Dad was a inspector for Irish Rail while my brother in law is IR staff in the Whest of Ireland. I am a former taxi driver and a regular bus user and occasional Luas and train user.

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Diesel loco and hauled stock enthusiast. My hobby / interest in railways in Ireland purely was about the (previously interesting) fleet of loud locos and ramshackled stock they used to haul. I hate Irish Rail as a company.

I couldn't give a flying fiddlers about what railway lines have closed, are closing, and will close in Ireland. Once the modern plastic buses on rails came in to replace the 071s / 201s and mk3s that was the end for me..

Once a few lines remain open so I can continue to enjoy one or two railtours year that are hauled by 071s, I will be happy with that.

Run a little website called, other than that, I'm not affilliated to any organisation connected with transport.

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Working volunteer with RPSI (Dublin). Have ordinary membership with DCDR, IRRS and the ITG but no active involvement. Regular Bus Éireann user, sometime IÉ user but living near the Rosslare line that takes a bit of encouragement when you look at what the bus offers.

My younger self had an interest in "gricing" but not so much now. Don't worry I'm not one of these people who bemoans IÉ's deployment of railcars and thinks we should keep locos and carriages on everyday services just for the sake of it - far from it. Outside of preservation my main rail interests these days would be more from a consumer point of view than an enthusiast one.

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Im a Luas Tram Driver, and a reluctant member of Siptu.

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I am an employee of ATW, which has been verified by a moderator, however I do not work in Customer Relations or Marketing. My sole intention in posting here with this user name is to provide accurate information and correct facts from a position of genuine 'insider knowlege', rather than for any commercial gain for my employer. Indeed, it is probably in breach of company policy to engage in dialogue through this type of social media, however I felt it was important to clarify certain issues being raised by posters and the reasons behind them.

I have no intention of participating on this forum to promote any form of travel over any other, or any UK train operator over any other.

My main reason for following the transport and infrastructure sections on is personal - I have only relatively recently moved from Ireland to the UK and still have a keen interest in what is going transport-wise on the other side of the Irish Sea.

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Occupation: Transport Consultant

Posts are purely of a personal nature and have no relation to the views or work of my employer. I just hope to give a little more insight into transport matters and keep abreast of Irish Transport Matters.


Occupation: Civil engineer, working in consultancy (not on rail related project at present)
Memberships: ITG, IRRS, IRN, EI
Proprietor: Stationary Engine Spares (IRL)
Location: Adjacent to LJ/WD line between MP 40 and MP50

I am a stationary engine and railway enthusiast. I post as a private individual and do not represent or express the opinions of my employer. All my posts are my own personal opinions.

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Hi all,

No real vested interest other than that of a daily rail commuter. Subjected to the highs and lows of rail travel, alternately impressed by quality service and baffled by IR/IE behaviour.

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Hi, I've been on boards for a while under a different name. I have not participated in any meaningful way in this forum under that name.

However my company STS are taking BES and Bus Eireann to court to open up the Student Transport Scheme for private operators therefore I want to seperate my private messages and opinions from that of my business.

BES should read DES

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I'm working with DAA

Interested in public transport and aviation

I'm a daily user of Bus Eireann (I know poor me) as I don't drive

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Iv worked in shipping logistics for most of my life, lost my job in Bell lines when it went into liquidation, I now work for another shipping company which I prefer not to name, Iv worked for several since my departure from Bell, Im not her to talk shop and I don't walk on water, Iv an interest in the connection with rail, I tired of arrogant truckers who think they know everything and haven't a clue of their biggest threat, that is, if the railway ever get their act together, Im off for a pint.

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I am a full time carer for my father, and am studying for an OU history degree. I have a lifelong interest in transport history, especially the canals and the railways and am a member of the IRRS, though I've rarely attended and have only spoken to a handful of people there. Avidly read the Journal though. No real interest in what pulls trains, moreso the social history and provision of services, and how the official vandalism of the system made it hugely expensive to restore services when wanted.

I use contemporary primary sources when working on a particular period, so am interested in spin which in retrospect turns out to be BS. Transport investment has had a lot of that but thankfully online newspaper access means that yesterday's spin can be proved to be today's spoof.

For ten years I was involved in local politics as an organiser and campaign manager and have an understanding what works in Irish local politics, and what doesn't. Nowadays no political affiliation.


I have worked in railway project management since the late 1980s for London Underground and now Network Rail.

Did attempt to join IE a few years back but never had a response from them.

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Long time reader of this forum and now member. I'm currently working abroad (in media) but retain a big interest in transport issues in Ireland. I'm not a member of any groups, but I have a keen interest in railway history and recent developments on the network.

Not very exciting. Sorry.

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