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Originally posted by joseph brand
Sorry but, eeeewwwwww. How come noone else was shocked as I to hear this??

Is this eradicated with vinegar(which is great for most afflictions to skin and stuff), or is there something else???

How would I know if I had it or not, (in my mouth)???
i guess you'll be even more shocked to hear yuo can get it on your old man too won't you?

i caught thrush off the first girl i was ever with, and it's the quickest way to leant the importance of using condoms i can tell you.

imagine having cracked lips, but on your foreskin. very sensitive to everything including urine, and can persist for weeks if not treated correctly.

its also something people with aids get quite reguarly towards the end (my cousin had it).

some live youghart on a tampon can help relieve it also (another ex girlfriend). and drink plenty of cranberry juice.

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Originally posted by Fed Up
Hi MojoMaker, I have all those symptoms.

Thanks for all the replys everyone.

Fed Up, I'm worried that what you have is more than 'simple' thrush. It's very persistence and the symptoms you describe lead me to believe you could have a serious yeast overgrowth throughout the body. This is common enough so don't start reaching for the sleeping pills just yet. Very few doctors in Ireland can treat Candida Albicans well at all. Your GP may not be of a lot of use unfortunately. There are however many hundreds of websites out there relating specifically to this form of bacterial yeast overgrowth and there are many very simple dietary changes you can make to alleviate the symptoms. Depending on the severity of your condition it may be necessary to go on a juice-and-vegetable-only diet for a period of between 4 and 26 weeks. Dietary detox is the only proven method for helping this problem. You need to recreate the balance between the good and bad bacteria in your system. Over time with a very strict diet you will starve the candida strain of its food source - which is [unsurprisingly] sugar. All carbs breakdown into sugars and this is why you have to curtail if not eradicate this element of your diet.

However, this should be taken in conjunction with medical advice, as one of the major downsides of the vegetable-only diet is a rapid reduction in body weight, which needs to managed very carefully. Eventually the Candida spores can and will be totally eradicated and your natural yeast balance restored. You will feel like a new woman, I promise.

A GP that specialises in the treatment of bacterial yeast overgrowths is a chap called Brendan Fitzpatrick and his surgery is on Morehampton Road, very close to Madigan's pub in Donnybrook, Dublin 4. I don't have the number but you'll find it in the book. An appointment with him might be beneficial to you.

Best of luck.

P.S - when I said earlier that Acidophilus was no use I meant it is no use unless it is kept refridgerated. If left at room temperature it dies very quickly and hence is no use.

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Don't mean to be curt but this all sounds like a classic case of Candida.

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yeah, i was reading about it recently, and i'd be inclined to agree in this case.

it's amazing to me to find out how common candida is, considering how little is known and how ill informed doctors can be with regard to it.


Maybe I'm misunderstanding the recent posts, but it sounds as if some are discussing WHETHER Fed Up's problem is thrush OR candida, when "thrush" is just the common layperson's term for candida (candida albicans...or C. tropicalis, C. parapsilosis, C. glabrata or C. guilliermondii, depending on strain).

It's all basically the same thing. I suppose, a systemic case could be more complicated and needs more medical oversight, perhaps. But Mojo's advice sounds good for that (NO sugar, low carbs to starve it).

I wish Fed Up would give a report back to let us know if any suggestions have helped.

Here are two sites that looked helpful too. Limiting search to "thrush" comes up with more "pop" type sites. Proper name for the most common type of thrush (or "yeast infection") is candida albicans. All the same thing.

Note: while it's unlikely, it may be good to understand that thrush is an "opportunistic" condition which can be a symptom of an underlying problem. With the other symptoms Fed Up reports, she should see the doctor Mojo recommended and have a thorough check out (and tell him about the persistent thrush).

Good luck.

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hi my 7 weeks old son is after getting thrush in his mouth anyone no how i can treat it without having to see the doctor

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5 years later...

Dont think so think you have to go to the doctor sorry

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Zombie thread ahoy. OK a 7 week old child with what you suspect has contracted thrush needs to go to a doctor. No other option. End of. Locking this thread.

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