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Ive been thinking about getting a tattoo done for some time now, but havent made a final decision yet. however, the other day i was messing around and drew up some possible designs, wanted to see which one you all liked most.

Its for my upperarm, and i want it to be coverable by a tshirt, so it might go someway towards my neck but not very far, also it will only go about half way down my upperarm.

I have one in mind, and these are just scetches, so im sure itl change before i do have it done, what do you prefer anyway?
also, for a tattoo the size i described, how long would it take and how much would it cost?


flogen Moderator

please doesnt anyone have an opinion on this?

or maybe some information regarding the cost etc?


Antisocialiser Registered User

Sorry i didnt like the designs but i think you should look at the design aaron lewis out of stainD has - its the same idea and pretty cool

flogen Moderator

cheers for the comment, and I might have a look at it, but I dont want to go in an ask for someone elses tattoo, i want at least a shred of an original design.

also, bear in mind that i cant draw for the life of me, so they were never going to be masterpieces!!

cheers again


Silent Grape Registered User

i have the same problem . i wanted to design my own but i dont trust myself enough with the designing and all that.

ANWAY i am incorporating different styles of crosses into one. that way its still my own 'design' (sort of) but i know its gunna turn out really well.

if u bring a load of different designs u like into the tatoo studio im sure they help u out.

flogen Moderator

yeah thats true, Im sure most places get it alot and are happy to help, I just dont want to go in and say 'give me an Anthony Kedis' or something like that,
Ill probly bring in rough drawings so he gets the idea, describe what i want as best i can and use the portfolios in there too, see what they can do for me


The Second Registered User

I think any of those designs will make you look like a zebra...
sorry... has to be said.

when are you getting the tatoo done and what was the idea behind the design?

flogen Moderator

I was going to get it done afew months ago, but backed down cos i wasnt sure if i was sure if you know what I mean, Im glad i did too.

Not sure when I will get it done, and thats a fair comment and a good point.

No perticular Idea behind the tattoo, just like the design or the design style, no great story i guess..... dont have one to tell yet


The Second Registered User

a tattoo should be something you don't want to forget...
so if you get an idea of what you'd like to remember always... draw it... then make it abstract so only you know what it is .. then do a black and white version of it... hey presto a meaning full tat....

Suaimhneach Moderator

the two in the middle are the best, the other ones have too many lines.

it looks like its shaped around your muscles which could be cool, if u have any

eth0_ Registered User

Originally posted by The Second
a tattoo should be something you don't want to forget...
so if you get an idea of what you'd like to remember always... draw it... then make it abstract so only you know what it is .. then do a black and white version of it... hey presto a meaning full tat....

Second, that's pretty rude. He can get a tattoo of whatever he wants, as long as he likes it. I don't particularly like his design but that's my opinion, if he likes it who are you to question his judgement!

Suaimhneach Moderator

ah, he was vicing an opinon, and floghen wasnt offended,so all i good!

i want my tounge pierced.

flogen Moderator

well jesjes the plan is to get muscles.. then a tattoo!!!!

Im not offended by his opinion at all, its a good point, maybe i should put more thought into it and make something a little more personal than just a sketch i did when i was bored, still, im in no rush to do it so i can think about it for now!!


The Second Registered User

sorry I didn't mean that in an offensive way ... I agree with etho_ though ... a tatoo doesn't have to be meaningful .. it can be purely for the aesthetics ...

personally .. *voicing an opinion * ... I think that tattoos are a form of art... and I know alot of people buy paintings and posters of stuff that they like to look at....

when I buy a painting .. I like to know the story behind it ... and to relate it to myself in some way ... makes it more personal ... rather than just something to look at....
and thats just if I were to hang something on the wall....
a work of art that way going to be on my own person .. forever... there would wanna be a damm good story behind it ... and of course be aesthetically pleasing!

qwertyphobia Registered User

On the point about tattoo design being about asthetics or having some personal meaning.

The meaning doesn't have clearly visible or readable to other people. Both of my tattoo's have deep personal meaning to me but they are what would be discribed as abstract I supose in that it certailly isn't clear from there design what that is.

And I don't explain there meaning to many people because it's none of there bussiness.

There meaning to me is defined I some parts by the designs but also to a large part the reasons why I chose to get tattoed there and then in my life.

I don't know if I would want a design that ment a lot to me but didn't look good or that everyone could read the meaning of straight away. It's more of a private thing then that, which is also why I haven't got tattoo's in very public places on my body.


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