hedgetrimmer Registered User

I have very peripheral knowledge of this, and frankly, it seems like quite a curious practice.

Is this a gay myth? Anyone have experience of this? Does it happen in Ireland?

(I can ask safely as I am tucked away in Brussels!!):horned:


Pepe LeFrits Registered User

Yep, it happens. I read two articles on it last summer for my 2nd year uni exams, i believe they were in reference to it happening in the north though. Unfortunately I don't remember anything other than that... but I passed my exams, gotta love the end of year examination system

BuffyBot Administrator

I'm sure it happens quite a lot - I know of a few places that it used to happen and there are certain places where it still does.

yellum Banned

Course it happens. Jesus, just look at gaydar and the gay personals.

You've heard of George Michael yeah ?

Joeytheparrot Moderator

Of course it happens, there are websites which give you places etc etc of where it happens in public toilets all over Ireland and other places in the world,

in Ireland it's more known as cruising than cottaging

yellum Banned

crusing: parks and roadways

cottaging: public toilets

Joeytheparrot Moderator

Oh I didn't know that, I was recetly having a conversation with someone from the Gay Mens Health Project in Dublin and he told me that cottaging is more of a term that's used in England, there you go

boomdogman Banned

Well DOH!!! So we call it cruising and no longer refer to gay people as Friends Of Dorothy but we aint in Kansas,Toto.
Of course cottaging/cruising still goes on where have you guys been buried?? try Toomevara and Tyrrelspass for two good spots.(OMIGOD! How does he know this?) but anywhere there is a loo there is a horny gay guy in hoipe. So you have Place Fontenoy in Brussels( met the police chief in a club there once, nice guy) but there aint that kind of luxury everywhere. Ok so now its easier for us do the LTR but even so we get horny and there's still ahell of a lot of closeted oh--no-I-am-nots out there. Long live Cottage Industry!!
PS if anyone has a spare Bouncer,XXXXL size I would be grateful!:horned:

boomdogman Banned

Just re-reading the "English" term thing. Do you think Irish men don't do casual sex, only tose dirty Sassanach fairies do that?

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