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I was just on to eircom about my line not passing for DSL. I know of at least one person who lives within 3 metres of me (and probably shares the same copper) who can get it, and another who lives maybe 10 metres away who can also get it.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was on to DSL support and didn't really have time to call again, wait in line and then lodge a complaint (I was at work) so I want to email a complaint in and then follow up tomorrow with a phone call.

I went on to the Eircom website and, unsurprisingly, the complaints section of their site doesn't work. I did a search for any or addresses around the forum but only found people's personal addresses

Anyone know of a complaints email address I can mail or know anyone in there that wouldn't mind receiving my mail and possibly sending it on to the complaints department? Obviously, if you are posting your own address or a friends, PM it to me rather than sticking it on the board.



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List of contacts for Complaints to telcos on the Comreg site Here

Your details are

Telephone: 1800 6714444

Do remember to have only one phone plugged in when it is being tested (monthly) and that ist should be a simple phone with no display or clock powered by the line.

Plug it into the eircom logo'd socket, that is where Eircom stops as all extensions are internal wiring and therefore your problem.


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That's some good advice there Muck. We have a caller ID unit plugged into the line, and it is powered by the line too. Think that could be causing problems? Also, our phone is one of the wireless ones. It's powered by a rechargeable battery though, so that should be okay?

Anyway, thanks for those details, I shall get emailling

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It is still worth complaining.

1. Not enough people complain about the sh1t lines in this country as a matter of principle.
2. You will find out by complaining when the test was last conducted, say the 05 september. You are therefore due to be done again around the 5th of October as I understand their system.
3. By complaining you will find out the day that all the clutter must be unplugged and that the connections are checked in your premises. You may even get a test carried out with 24 hours.

You may very well pass then, bump this thread if you do.



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I complained anyway I think you have a very good point about not enough people complaining about the horrific quality of lines in Ireland. This is probably to do with the fact that a lot of people either feel really uncomfortable complaining about things or don't know where to go after eircom throw their complaint out the window with the usual 'There's nothing we can do!' spiel.

Anyway, I sent the mail and I'll follow up with a phone call after I get a response to the message (assuming I get a response at all). I just hope I didn't sound too snotty in the mail

Thanks for your help!


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Right guys heres what has happened so far. Last week I was looking into getting myself DSL, and checked out all three suppliers sites, starting with Eircom. On all 3 sites DSL was available in my area. So I ring Esat and they check my line, and say that details will be posted to me friday. I check my line again today, and lo and behold DSL is not available in my area..

What course of action do you guys suggest? Is it not completely obvious that someone is fiddling with something somewhere? Do Comreg know this? I'm pretty miffed about this at the mo... so any suggestions would be good.


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Judging by what Muck said in relation to the scheduled test that eircom do, the likelyhood is that in the last couple of days, your line got it's monthly test and failed. I know that on at least one previous occasion my line passed the line test, but now it is classed as unsuitable for DSL. Unless someone is tampering with the copper, I think it is fairly conclusive that the line test is very unreliable.

As regards a course of action, take one similar to mine: Send an email explaining the situation. Make sure to follow up on the phone though, because people find it much harder to deal with angry customers on the phone. I know that threating to cancel your account, or threatening to take your business elsewhere will magically make your line DSL enabled, as what happened to the business I work for.

If none of the above work, and you have exhausted all avenues with eircom, you have the right to go to ComReg and authorise them to investigate the complaint. If your line has previously passed a line test and has now failed, then I'd say you have a fairly strong case.

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If you start a thread about your exchange in the BB forum then Gombín will set you straight.

ESAT have launched exchanges before they were ready and withdrawn them afterwards.


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Thanks guys, I will look into it further, and keep at them...

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Well, I have just gotten the standard blurb back about "DSL is a sensitive technology" etc etc. I'm going to give them a call today at lunch and see if I can get them to, at the very least, re-test my line without all the stuff attached to it



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The plot thickens, I rang eircom and my line passes the test and I can get it. But the online databases say that I cannot... how f@cked up is that?

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Lucky for you Although, that means that the only people who will provide it to you are Eircom, as IOL and UTV's test will show a fail. Interesting indeed.

I also notice that eircom have changed the prequal test on their website so that you no longer need an eircom account number to check if your line passes. I can't link to it because of the stupid session id in the URL, but to get to it go to -> Our Products and Services -> Broadband Services -> Can I get eircom broadband -> 'phone line that is suitable' link (They certainly don't make it easy to find ) I tried a load of numbers in it just for the sake of interest. I noticed a huge amount of failures. Well, except for numbers that belong to people in my area. They all seem to pass except mine!

Anyway, useful if you want to guage the number of failures as you can check any line you want. Unfortunately my mobile phone seems to fail the eircom line test too, must get that one looked into too...

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Sorry for posting twice in a row but something odd just happened. I went back to the website and the pre-qualification test that didn't require an account number has been mysteriously replaced by the old one. Hmmm.

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I've sent two e-mails to (the first a week ago) and have yet to receive a response to either of them, even if it's just to say that they'd been received.

I've also been to the complaints section of the website and it hasn't been working for the past two days at least. I don't want to talk to those idiots on 1901 because as soon as I mention DSL they'll transfer me over to i-stream sales, who'll pass me back to 1901, etc.

Get it fixed eircom!

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Well well well. The conspiracy continues.

After a number of phone calls and emails, and without the help of ComReg might I add, my line now passes the Eircom line test. Having found this out, naturally, I ordered from IOL.

Many thanks for your help Muck, hopefully this will be the end of it, but somehow I feel there is more to come. Best of luck to anyone in the same situation, and remember, calling them is the key!



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