Don't come back!

Repli Registered User


Enjoy your trip!

Tellox Hosted Moderator

I was really looking for a reason to use that image for a long time.

Lord Nikon Registered User

I'm guessing your one of the victims. Nelson - "Ha, ha".

Eh, you need more people in it, and make it brighter, and move this thread to the Community area.

...just a thought.

daveg Registered User

I really fúcking hate it when a site tries to add itself to your favourites.

rymus Registered User

wow, a whole three images... youve got yourself a website there!

Get yourself up around Ballymun (or anywhere in Dublin for that matter) with your camera if you want to add some truly mingin content

The moral here is.. Three gobshìtes does not a website make!

Serbian Registered User

Originally posted by daveg
I really fúcking hate it when a site tries to add itself to your favourites.
Indeed, pisses me off no end.

Gordon Administrator

Where the gerls?

lol at the name of the guy calling himself "ivehugegenitals"

Ruaidhri Registered User

Originally posted by mingin-or-wat
hey people ive just opened the irish version of hotornot.com

What is this Crap?

Puck 2838

You see the big red letters at the bottom of this page? --> http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/register.php?s=&action=signup

Of course you do, it would be imposible to miss them for any normal person! So you must have just decided not to heed those rules even though they're highlighted so morons like you can spot them easier.

**** off and stop pimping your site here you ****ing leech!


How many times did you post?

Puck 2838

You came here to get something out of this community for nothing. Taking from the community without contributing to it is wrong and you are nothing but a worthless leech, the scum of the internet! It doesn't matter whether your site makes you money or not. What matters is that you came here only to get people to come to your site.

I really wouldn't mind if you were a regular, helpful user trying to show people your site. That's the type of thing that admins and mods here turn a blind eye to.

The rules plainly told you that this was not allowed and you still carried on. Just because the thread hasn't been deleted yet, or you haven't been banned doesn't mean that this is ok.

but i wont post anymore

Good. You won't be missed.

oneweb Registered User

Eh, yer site mings.

Too many connections

Like, get a proper job

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