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Hi There.

I'm looking for a good Irish site that lists what radio stations are on the FM band around Dublin. Sometimes I wish I knew what station I'm listening to. Many I do, but many good ones just play music and I get curious to know the name of the station. Any site recommendations? I don't think I'm googling for the right word...
although I found one good site that lists quite a few but the freqeuncies aren't easily on hand: http://www.radiowaves.fm/database/stations.html

Kali Registered User

Check the RDS info.. theres very few stations around at the moment that don't broadcast with it.. so use it

DerekD Goldfish Registered User

go to www.radio-locator.com
then chose ireland it will list irish radio stations an give info including location so you should be able to see all the dublin stations.

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