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The last few nights I've noticed 2 fellas about 18 yrs old on mountain bikes cycling around our estate. Yesterday the two side gates either side of our house were open - one of the gates we never actually use and I'm pretty anal about closing them.
When we came home last night one of the gates (the same one that we never actually use) was open again. I saw the fellas cycling around again..... dunno about you but it's odd to see kids cycling around near's a v.quiet estate and I watched him scoping out the houses and looking into cars.... some neighbours have had their cars broken into (Hyundais are target-du-jour because they come fitted with Pioneer branded stereos)...

Anyway, when I looked out into the back garden this morning I noticed that some of the garden furniture had been disturbed/moved around/knocked someone had been snooping around alright.

Apart from putting a couple of padlocks on the gates (which I'm doing soon as the nearest hardware-type-shop opens today) is there anything else I can do ?
The house and shed are on a monitored alarm system and we're overlooked on all sides - the only way in and out of the garden is via those gates or over neighbours fences. The shed is part of a larger building in the garden which also has a small studio in it. All very secure (double doors with locks, no windows, alarmed and so on). I'm not so worried about anyone getting in - it's just the feeling of knowing some little skanger has been snooping around that gives me the willies.

Any ideas ? A dog is out of the question unfortunately. I'd like to make this little skangers life as difficult as possible - would love to boobytrap him but I realise I'd probably come off worse (and that sort of thing only works in the movies !).
Practical suggestions welcome.

woolymammoth Registered User

how about lights! motion sensor lights. they detect movement
and turn on automatically. these f*ckers would probably prefer
snooping in the dark, so take it away from them.

Clintons Cat Registered User

Ditto Woolly Mamoths reccomendation

If you havent already got house insurance get some quickly.

Other than that you can pick up CCTV cameras with a video out plug for next to nothing.If they are local they will want to avoid being sighted.It wont stop a determined pro but it might persuade a couple of chancers to try elsewhere.

Put trelis around the top of the fences,it makes it harder for a thief to climb over,if you dont use a particular gate, why not nail it shut?

Booby traps are out of the question,Thieves have been known to successfully sue houseowners for-get this-Loss of earnings when injured by concealed barbed wire/broken glass ect.


shabbyroad Registered User

Lights it is - that seems to be the missing piece. Easy to install and not expensive.

I think the access via the gates is now not an issue (they're padlocked) and I'm going to put something like scarestrip on top of the gate frames.

I'm fully insured and as the house is the windows and doors are covered by alarm sensors and PIR. I don't really expect anyone will be able to break in - I just want to make it bloody obvious to the little sh1ts that they will be wasting their time and go somewhere else.

I've thought about a camera or two - might take a look out for a have decent time lapse recorder too.

yeah tempting and all as a booby trap is it would be typical Irish 'justice' that I would be the one to come off worse.....though it would be nice to see the little fvcker covered in paint.....

Victor Registered User

There are products out there to stop people climbing drain pipes and poles - like a cross between a paint and a grease. Putting soem on the top 6 inches of the gate / wall may do soem dissuading (just remember it's there when you lock your self out.)

shabbyroad Registered User

excellent idea Victor - I'll get a tub of that stuff, it's tar-like and should be quite effective.

Borzoi Registered User

Ditto for the lights and motion detectors, but set the lights to work when you come in the drive, so you can walt to your front door illuminated. It means you get a benefit of your secuity system.

Also what Victor said about the non drying paint, I've used it myself, it's absolutely foul stuff but very effective. Assuming there's a top board over the gate, lash it on up there, your 'visitors' will be singing 'Mammy' on the way home.

jabaroon Registered User


Get your camera out. Take a couple of clear photo's of them. Ideally at dusk so they will see the flash.

That way, they know that they have been spotted AND are on film. It shoulds unlikely that you will be broken into, but maybe your neighbours may not be so lucky.

You then have some nice handy leads for the cops!


shabbyroad Registered User

I've fitted lights with PIRs and have requested a meeting with the local community Garda.

That 'sticky stuff' isn't available in Atlantic; apparently B&Q stock it so I'm going to take a look there.

Might fit a couple of cameras - not the large CCTV type because that will only attract attention ('what has he got to protect in there?' type thinking) - there are PIR actitvated cameras that I could hook up to a long play VCR. Might be helpful if I suspect someone prowling around - and might even see the little fvcker(s).

My cousin (who is a Garda) said that it's always worth checking out what these scumbags might have dropped in the garden - he's found id cards, dole cards all sorts of stuff. Not the brightest of people it would appear....

Borzoi Registered User

Originally posted by shabbyroad

That 'sticky stuff' isn't available in Atlantic; apparently B&Q stock it so I'm going to take a look there.

If your near Dublin city centre try MRCB on the corner of Thomas ST and Winetavern St. It's one of the most comprehensive stockists of painting material

TomTom Hosted Moderator

We had problem with prowlers years ago, installed the light and stuff but that did not deter him that much and the dog is too playfull to be of much use.
Tried placing some stuff that you would easily knock over and make a lot of noise if you were lurking in dark spots and did not see them. It worked as I was often up and heard the things fall and see the shaddow of someone leggin it.
Reported every incident to the guards, found out it was only happening to a few houses in my area and he was caught by a few guys out hunting at night in the end.

cctv cameras hooked up to vcr on economy play does the job also, those time lapse often don't get them at the moment you want.

DriftingRain Registered User

I agree with the lights....

For a little humor you could always get a sign to poke in the ground that said "This Property is Gaurded by Smith and Wesson"



Always makes me laughs when I hear about the neighbours in the UK talking about their having amongst the strictist gun laws in the world - when the closest country to them has more less banned privately owned handguns since about 1922..

Thorn bushes - Pyracanta (SP) makes a nice tree to put in the corner.. - and my old favorite - cattle fence ~400V - shocking

Anyway the US stats show that guns are more likely stolen than anything else (next is accidental shooting)

Depending on where you are - you could have a sign about "uncovered cess pit" - or maybe just get a pond on the likely route.

slave1 Registered User

a dog

bug Registered User

electrify the gate?
I would.
get a dog, black labrador if your not too keen on dobermen etc..
In the dark a black dog looks as vicious as hell.
We've always had a dog and have never been broken into.
Only one instance of a guy in our back yard one nite and the dog tore strips off was funny.

You can get CCTV hooked up to your television we have, I dont quite know how it works as my brother set it up. I think its a transmitter. Get a light conected to a motion sensor which comes on anytime anyone enters the garden as well as a camera in the front with the light.

Its handy as well as you can flick on the tele and see if you want to answer the door or not too I dont think its too expensive I can find out for you....

('what has he got to protect in there?' type thinking)
not if the camera is small enough and well concealed in some housing

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