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Is there a simple way to put a sinu fada on different letters withotu going into symbols all the time in Word.

I have a user who has used MAC all his life and we finally got him ocnverted to Word and he keeps relating every thing back to the MAC way off doing things.

What i need is a simple way of putting a sini fada on the letters that need it.

I have no immeddiate acces tohis machine as he is working at home and i need to explain it to him step by step.

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Hold down the ALT-GR button and then press the letter in question. (note: thats the ALT-GR button... the right hand ALT button, not the left hand one.)

Hows that for a fast response


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#3 that the proper name for an irish fada?

if so just hold down <Alt Gr> (right hand side of space bar) and press the vowel you want the fada on.

á é í ó ú

think you need tho have the windows local for the keyboard set to Ireland though.

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Originally posted by DeVore

Hows that for a fast response


I think i should call for a stewards enquiry....

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Yeah you both psoted at the same time according to the software. But devore beat you to it.

I owe you bought a drink whenever i make it to the boards Beer.

Thanks. (this is why i love boards)

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he cant do it the mac way as there is no option key on a pc anyway

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