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Avatar + username 5 replies, 0 views,

I changed my avatar last week, I don't like it. I decided to change it today. I paid for an account. I think I changed the avatar correctly. The old avatar is still displaying (Animaniacs). I'd also like to change my username from brian.henry to BrianHenryIE if possible
10-Sep-2018 05:50 in Help Desk by BrianHenryIE

Bianchi 2017 fork recall 0 replies, 0 views,

Anyone buy a Bianchi this year? I got a message in February about this but after bringing my bike in to get its fork's serial number taken down (bike shop in San Francisco), never actually got a replacement fork, I think it maybe only affects caliper brakes. See photos on: (J
02-Sep-2017 21:59 in Cycling by BrianHenryIE

Cancelled Account – Cancellation did not stop payment 5 replies, 0 views,

I cancelled my account August 2. Terminate account: 76328581 [Incident:160802-000782] "We’ll have your cancellation scheduled for 30 days from the date of this email." Direct debit on my account happened on September 5. Please cancel my account properly
12-Sep-2016 18:26 in Virgin Media Ireland by BrianHenryIE

Bluetooth anti-theft trackers 1 replies, 17 views,

Has anyone used any of the wave of Bluetooth LE trackers on their bikes? And found them useful? I've been getting a lot of ads recently for TrackR. They raised $1.7m on Indiegogo. This is one of the ones that uses others' phones to locate your bike if it's missing – Crowd GPS:
09-Apr-2016 14:54 in Cycling by BrianHenryIE

Will the website ever work properly or are we waiting for the merger? 8 replies, 0 views,

I wanted to check the data I have remaining but when I logged into the website I got this: So I tried to let you guys know about the problem, but the contact us page is broken too: The website has always been troublesome whe
16-Nov-2014 19:04 in Formerly O2 Ireland by BrianHenryIE

O2 Website Password Reset 1 replies, 0 views,

Hey, I tried to log in and it told me my password was wrong (which I'm pretty sure it wasn't). Then I went through the password reset steps, got the code, but it wouldn't accept my new password, saying "The password provided does not meet our security requirements. It must be between 6 and 10 cha
05-Oct-2014 14:38 in Formerly O2 Ireland by BrianHenryIE

Healthcare Data Mining 1 replies, 331 views,

As with the other post (classmate), I'm doing a project in college, in conjunction with St. Vincent's, but my topic is data mining. Can anyone give me an insight into what areas in medicine this is being applied in Ireland? We're working with one of the labs but naturally want as wide an understand
03-Jun-2014 11:43 in Health Sciences by BrianHenryIE

Projector for existing ceiling mount 0 replies, 127 views,

Our Dell 2300MP broke recently and isn't sold anymore so we'd like to get a projector that can reuse the ceiling mount the 2300 had. Are projector mounting holes standard like Vesa or proprietary? And if so, does anyone know which projectors we'd be able to buy? Thanks
25-Mar-2014 17:24 in Video Displays & Projectors by BrianHenryIE

Real Christmas Tree: Dublin 2 13 replies, 2,818 views,

I want to get a real tree this week. Searching past posts hasn't found me anything 100% so does anyone know of trees already for sale in or near Dublin 2? I probably need it delivered. Could anyone further away let me know what prices they're going for so I know a good one when I see it? Thanks
27-Nov-2012 01:39 in Bargain Alerts [Requests] by BrianHenryIE

Weird Call ID Issue 1 replies, 236 views,

When my mother calls my iPhone (on O2, 4, 5.1.1, phone legit unlocked from Three) from her iPhone (Vodafone, 3GS, 5.x, Ultrasnow unlocked), her number appears as "blocked" even though Settings/Phone/Show My Caller ID is on. When she calls my brother's iPhone (O2, 4S, bought from O2) or my dad's (Vod
06-Jul-2012 14:10 in Apple Devices by BrianHenryIE

Chrome on college network 1 replies, 594 views,

https doesn't work in Chrome when in college. What gives?
17-Mar-2012 10:14 in TCD by BrianHenryIE

iPhone 4 -- 18 months finished 9 replies, 668 views,

Those who bought the iPhone 4 the day it was released, I think our contracts are up in January. My billing cycle is on 17th of each month. We also have to give notice (in writing?) so get it in quick. And never look back
16-Dec-2011 01:58 in Three by BrianHenryIE

Meteor PAYG data blocked on iPad? 2 replies, 877 views,

I've a Meteor SIM working fine in an iPhone (Safari) with but when I try it in an iPad I'm told "You are not subscribed to a cellular data service". Are they blocking it?
08-Oct-2011 14:28 in Apple Devices by BrianHenryIE

Inspire 5500 replacement 0 replies, 1,442 views,

I used to own Creative Inspire 5500 surround decoder and speakers. It was perfect for me, had S/PDIF TOSLINK and RCA and had 3.5mm input and I really liked the Pro Logic stereo down-mixing. They're long broken and now I'm looking for a nice 5.1 set to use with my Apple TV and for playing music in
25-May-2011 18:54 in Audio Amplifiers & Speakers by BrianHenryIE

Wireless installation companies 0 replies, 603 views,

I need to get some quotes for two short wireless links (bridges) for a company in Bray. It's simple line-of-sight stuff, we just want to join two buildings' LANs to our primary building's LAN. I've got a Google Map drawn up detailing what needs to be done and can quickly clarify any details of what'
03-Mar-2011 14:25 in Wireless by BrianHenryIE