Swim log 2017 (43 Replies)

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2nd Ice Swimming Chamionship

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RLSS Lifeguard help please

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Master's swimming - general standard? (5 Replies)

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2016 Swim Log (598 Replies)

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Christmas Day Swim (2 Replies)

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Couple of questions..... (1 Reply)

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Training plans over the festive period... Fat or fit?? (2 Replies)

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Difference between lifeguard qualifications (1 Reply)

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I'm having a problem with being cold.. (13 Replies)

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Use of flippers and snorkel in swim training (5 Replies)

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Swimming Lessons Sligo (1 Reply)

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Swimmer's ear .... ouch! (4 Replies)

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Would anyone join an improver swim group in Kingfisher Renmore Galway at lunchtime? (1 Reply)

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Photos of where you swim (10 Replies)

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Breathing (5 Replies)

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General Thoughts and Frustrations When Learning To Swim (20 Replies)

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wetsuit for open water swimming (11 Replies)

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Glenalbyn Closed (5 Replies)

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One to one lessons - nervous beginner (1 Reply)

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Open Water Swimming - South Wall (1 Reply)

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swimming workouts/technique (13 Replies)

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Ameo Power breather

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Open water swimming, anyone swim year round? (2 Replies)

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base2race Coaching (1 Reply)

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