T. Barr Article (36 Replies)

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New European Marathon record!! (18 Replies)

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A very good article by Cathal Dennehy (48 Replies)

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New indoor race initiatve (59 Replies)

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Chiropodist recommendation?

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Running - Sport v Activity (42 Replies)

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A/R End of Year Awards 2017 - The Results (6 Replies)

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Run commute (15 Replies)

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Armagh International Cross Country 6th Jan (3 Replies)

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Marathon Selection - Not just an Irish issue (3 Replies)

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John Lenihan-Irelands Unsung World Champion (73 Replies)

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Dune Half Marathon (3 Replies)

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Running as a centenarian

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A/R End of Year Awards 2017 (19 Replies)

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2010 - 2017 Marathon Stats (3 Replies)

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Coaching Athlete Relationship

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Goals for 2018? (125 Replies)

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Northern Ireland Commonwealth team announced (2 Replies)

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AIT Grand Prix 2018- IAAF World Athlete Of The Year Mutaz Essa Barshim To Headline (1 Reply)

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Athletics NI Endurance Coaches Network Talk 5th Jan

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A Look back on Irish Miling

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Pollock 10k PB (4 Replies)

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Phil Healy breaks National record (8 Replies)

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2017 - 1000 Mile Challenge (83 Replies)

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Best of 2018 (1 Reply)

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