European Junior Championships Grosseto 20th-23rd July - Gold for Akpe-Moses (35 Replies)

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National Championships 2017 (Live on RTE Sunday 6-8pm) (5 Replies)

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The Sub 3 Support Thread (2,159 Replies)

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3:57 Mile @ 16 years of Age (32 Replies)

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Do you run in kilometers or miles? (73 Replies)

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Nick Symmonds Sub 3hr Attempt (6 Replies)

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The A/R Off Topic Thread (5,404 Replies)

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What it takes to be elite... (44 Replies)

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[CLOSED] The Next (Sonia) O'Sullivan? (26 Replies)

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10 Round Numbers - How Many Can You Run in 2017? (26 Replies)

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Best of 2017 (67 Replies)

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Double trouble - the only way to fame these days?

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The Olympic Games in Dublin? (69 Replies)

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Is World Championships being bumped down to Red Button on BBC? (5 Replies)

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Beginner Training Plan for DCM 2017 (28 Replies)

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What do you LOVE about other runners and running in general? (99 Replies)

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