Derry Girls (4 Replies)

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Anybody know of a hostel in Derry? (8 Replies)

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Derry City FC thread (35 Replies)

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Lgbt friendly barbers in Derry? (5 Replies)

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Electric meter (8 Replies)

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City centre pub with TG4 TV station.

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Subbuteo Night. Derry City Table Football Club. (8 Replies)

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Derry city nightlife! (8 Replies)

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Firework display (1 Reply)

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Morticians assistant

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Queen's University Belfast (1 Reply)

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Sewing supplies & Patterns (1 Reply)

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Electric picnic (1 Reply)

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Pub/Restaurant openings (3 Replies)

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Three IE in Derry (2 Replies)

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Where to live? (3 Replies)

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Undergrad tutor

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Foyle Arena

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Two rows in two days about the name... (18 Replies)

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Chip Shops Derry (14 Replies)

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Maherfelt (4 Replies)

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Citycentre(ish) Carpark (4 Replies)

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Cheap Hair Cut in Derry City (2 Replies)

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The Temple! (9 Replies)

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DVD rentals? (1 Reply)

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