Naas Chat Thread (816 Replies)

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New Shop Maynooth (1,200 Replies)

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Ridgewood Manor - Kildare Town (26 Replies)

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Oldbridge Station -Train (1 Reply)

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Joe Cassidy

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Removal of car for scrap (6 Replies)

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Phase 6 electrical science

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Bookkeeping course

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Birchalls bus from hazelhatch train station to celbridge (3 Replies)

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Celbridge Draft Area Plan - 3500+ new houses (68 Replies)

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Medical card application (1 Reply)

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Tarmac (10 Replies)

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Closure of the road at the hatch bridge on Celbridge? (25 Replies)

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New housing developments in Maynooth (195 Replies)

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Derrinturn, Carbury Opinions please (3 Replies)

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Moving to Kildare (25 Replies)

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Recommend a salon for spray tan and waxing?

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Spanish tutor/teacher Maynooth area (14 Replies)

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Farm eggs (3 Replies)

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Thai massage Newbridge

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Rubbish in a trailer (6 Replies)

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Hazelwood Celbridge - Phase 2 Under Construction! (67 Replies)

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Carpenter/ handyman?

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Commute Newbridge/Naas to Dublin (11 Replies)

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Drive though McDonalds Celbridge (75 Replies)

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