Lyrics (67 Replies)

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So I wrote my first song.. What do you think? (1 Reply)

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New song for the All Ireland Hurling Final (1 Reply)

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What song lyrics 'get you' every time? (14 Replies)

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I Write Music And I'd Be Incredibly Appreciative If Someone Listened

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song writing group (7 Replies)

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Darrell Scott Songfood

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Have listen & let me know your thoughts (7 Replies)

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Collab on this lyric (5 Replies)

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Working on something..It's an antidrug song. We all lost some special

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Some of my Lyrics! (3 Replies)

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Still In One Piece (1 Reply)

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Songwriting Collaboration: Listen (4 Replies)

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US country style lyric

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Anybody do Country (5 Replies)

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Championship Song

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Any vocalists out there???? (1 Reply)

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Song Writing Techniques: Established Writers You Tube Commentary (2 Replies)

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Lyricist looking to Collab with musicians (1 Reply)

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Is there any songwriters group/workshop in Dublin? (3 Replies)

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Hello! I need a collaborator! (2 Replies)

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Looking for collaborator/lyricist (in the vein of Jackson Browne / Folk-Rock)

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help fine tuning (2 Replies)

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Irish singer-songwriter Roisin Gaffney - Scumbag #1

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Songwriting collaboration - Rock

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