Bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland (33 Replies)

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Dublin - Metro Link (formerly Metro North) (5,060 Replies)

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Aircraft Fuel Supply Line For Dublin Airport (21 Replies)

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DART Expansion (incl. DART Underground) (4,511 Replies)

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Luas Cross City (Line BX/D) [now open] (4,551 Replies)

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California - High Speed Rail (6 Replies)

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Ireland 2040 Planning Framework & associated Investment Plan discussion [NO ROADS] (203 Replies)

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Purpose of building Metro under existing Luas (16 Replies)

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Irish Rail & Building Beside Lines (17 Replies)

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New DIT Campus - Grangegorman (315 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Ireland 2040 plan "will kill rural Ireland" (978 Replies)

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Light rail in Cork (98 Replies)

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Dublin future transport (2 Replies)

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After BXD: The next big public transport project for Dublin?3 (285 Replies)

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Eircode - its implemetation (merged) (1,961 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Luas Cross City Problems a Blessing in Disguise (4 Replies)

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DART accessibility; why can't we do better? (23 Replies)

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The jealousy thread (156 Replies)

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Greenways (381 Replies)

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Swords/Airport metro - A proposal (15 Replies)

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Phoenix Park tunnel (364 Replies)

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Solving Galway's major transport issues... (30 Replies)

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Eircode and Google Maps Working (185 Replies)

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Bendy buses? Good, bad or abomination? (64 Replies)

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Wild Atlantic Greenway (8 Replies)

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