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Acid Reflux and Hiatus Hernia (4 Replies)

Last post Yesterday 22:18 by not yet
Started by odonovana9

Adult ADHD Advice (192 Replies)

Last post Yesterday 20:34 by Kirrels
Started by cannex

Breast cancer query (3 Replies)

Last post Yesterday 14:20 by Smythz
Started by Citygirl1

Anxiety and depression thread (Please read OP) (3,038 Replies)

Last post Yesterday 07:03 by Gremlinertia
Started by Kurtosis

My Mother Needs Help (4 Replies)

Last post 24-Jun-2017 18:55 by Wesser
Started by Anon26

Min charge for surgery in public health service? (8 Replies)

Last post 24-Jun-2017 15:29 by drunkmonkey
Started by mrcheez

Mouth ulcers (5 Replies)

Last post 24-Jun-2017 14:35 by Cornelius Crow
Started by inca2

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (530 Replies)

Last post 23-Jun-2017 05:04 by riddles
Started by lockman

Toe nail not growing (1 Reply)

Last post 22-Jun-2017 22:04 by farmerwifelet
Started by sashafierce

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (3 Replies)

Last post 22-Jun-2017 22:00 by farmerwifelet
Started by April1

Kidney Stone - Laser/Stent (5 Replies)

Last post 22-Jun-2017 18:32 by Pappacharlie
Started by bubbaloo

Carpal tunnel surgery

Last post 22-Jun-2017 10:26 by rentagob26
Started by rentagob26

Herpes (2 Replies)

Last post 20-Jun-2017 14:01 by Roseviolet123
Started by DauphinAi

Lots of health issues at 42 (2 Replies)

Last post 19-Jun-2017 21:40 by byhookorbycrook
Started by iguana2005

Can I visit my GP for free and get Medical Card on the Long Term Illness Scheme? (1 Reply)

Last post 19-Jun-2017 21:37 by byhookorbycrook
Started by wonderwall900


Last post 19-Jun-2017 12:17 by lizziemc
Started by lizziemc

Free tickets to Dietary strategies to Prevent and Treat Heart Problems

Last post 19-Jun-2017 05:44 by joefromireland
Started by joefromireland

[CLOSED] Low RHR with possible long QT (1 Reply)

Last post 18-Jun-2017 13:19 by Kurtosis
Started by Jiggy_79

I need a knee replacement (47 Replies)

Last post 16-Jun-2017 21:59 by TheRiverman
Started by Cork Lass

Neighbour with Mental Health Issues (13 Replies)

Last post 16-Jun-2017 11:33 by Dow99
Started by Dow99

Traveling with Humira Pens (2 Replies)

Last post 15-Jun-2017 19:38 by Lorenna
Started by Lorenna

Bonesetter in Cavan

Last post 15-Jun-2017 17:11 by Owen88
Started by Owen88

Psoriasis (1,842 Replies)

Last post 15-Jun-2017 17:06 by rubadub
Started by Sykk

[Diabetes] General Chat and Support Thread (2,475 Replies)

Last post 15-Jun-2017 13:14 by C-Shore
Started by tbh

Adrenal tests (1 Reply)

Last post 14-Jun-2017 22:09 by Tropheus
Started by Tinkerbell1608