Behavioral Economics Vs Applied Economics in UCD

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Book suggestion on the rise of the Irish economy

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The consequences of generational hoarding in Ireland. (1 Reply)

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Liquidity Traps (12 Replies)

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The blunder of minimum wage (26 Replies)

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China`s preparation for the world`s imminent economic implosion (29 Replies)

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What products do the government use to borrow money? (7 Replies)

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Could china be the new super power? (1 Reply)

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'Ireland Default 2010' (12 Replies)

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Irish Citizen, Working in UK, moving to Ireland with Newborns--- HELP! ADVICE NEEDED! (2 Replies)

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Lifetime income & expenses (14 Replies)

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The financial crisis: Ten years on

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What mistakes are the global banks and investment firms at the moment?

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Why is corporation tax so low in Ireland? (10 Replies)

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Ireland now an Offshore Financial Centre

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Printing money (7 Replies)

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Has there always been a hiccup at the end of each recession recovery? (9 Replies)

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Is the financial service industry the next bubble in Ireland (1 Reply)

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Bail out - Update on Costs

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Number of people employed in healthcare in netherlands (1 Reply)

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Richard Duncan (1 Reply)

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Mileage cost (8 Replies)

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Yanis Varoufakis boook 'And the weak etc. ' (2 Replies)

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REQUEST: Data to make a histogram of annual income in Ireland (3 Replies)

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Rent Bubble (10 Replies)

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