Run-down of Roller Hockey in Ireland? (2 Replies)

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dundalk hockey (3 Replies)

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Auto Pass (2 Replies)

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Inline Hockey Forum (2 Replies)

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09/10 Field Hockey Season (1 Reply)

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New to hockey or getting back in the swing? (1 Reply)

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Hockey for fun? (9 Replies)

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Enniscorthy Hocky Camp (2 Replies)

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IIHA LTP (3 Replies)

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Anyone know of any good hockey clubs in Wexford or Waterford? (3 Replies)

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Drogheda HC (5 Replies)

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The EHL (5 Replies)

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yellow roller blades?? (5 Replies)

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Inline Hockey in Castlebar (8 Replies)

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The IHL (12 Replies)

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How did everyone get on this season? (11 Replies)

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Rookie of the Year Front Runners (10 Replies)

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Bulls Ladies Host tournament

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Smithfield Hockey Club (6 Replies)

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sabers vs philly

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Playoff Beards (2 Replies)

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Connacht Hockey (4 Replies)

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channel 5 (3 Replies)

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UK National Indoor Finals - Live on sky sports this Sunday

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