Live at the Marquee (9th June - 14th July)

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Fonterra milk auction (1 Reply)

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PART TIME Dairy Farmer (11 Replies)

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reps inspection (24 Replies)

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weanling export (2 Replies)

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Abort Injection (7 Replies)

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Front Loader Price (6 Replies)

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Reclaiming Neglected Land .. HELP ! (8 Replies)

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Price for gear? Have u the work load to !?

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Quad/atv recommendations (44 Replies)

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80kph!!!!!!! (8 Replies)

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Energy in Dairy Farming

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Front End Shear Grab (4 Replies)

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feed trailers for cattle (2 Replies)

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Liver Fluke Control - Pour Ons (15 Replies)

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The best approach. (24 Replies)

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Fresian Bulls (3 Replies)

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Potatoe storage (5 Replies)

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Solar piping for Milking parlours (1 Reply)

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unexplained happenings? (12 Replies)

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Leaving land in a will (3 Replies)

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Questions rgarding inheritance of land and transfer of herd number. (13 Replies)

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Winter feed budget (12 Replies)

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future of sfp post 2012 (11 Replies)

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30.5 R32 Slurry tanker tyre

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Landini Mythos 100

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