Bit of research (5 Replies)

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Chain Saw Course? Where? €€€?? When? (7 Replies)

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Game Farm advertising (1 Reply)

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Cone Bottom Tank

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paddy o keefe in the farmers journal (4 Replies)

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Old Polytunnel, or Mushroom House (9 Replies)

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Tractor hit by 15,000 tonne soil tsunami (1 Reply)

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Storm effect on bare root trees just planted (6 Replies)

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Going rates to buy farm land per Acre?? (2 Replies)

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Duchas officials, trespassing? (8 Replies)

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Question on Loaders (4 Replies)

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Retirement Relief-Forestry

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Fencing/ Wiring costs (3 Replies)

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Forests and woodland (4 Replies)

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Leasing a farm (3 Replies)

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Making your farm more environmentally friendly (8 Replies)

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Where are all the real forests now! (3 Replies)

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Cow shed (2 Replies)

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Galway Sheep Website!

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[CLOSED] problems with deer or vermin? (1 Reply)

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Covering farm machinery: Comments wanted (5 Replies)

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Water Charges

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