skillnets tax conference (1 Reply)

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Electric Fence Problems (8 Replies)

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Lamb Creep Feeders (3 Replies)

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Silage in March! (15 Replies)

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shed prices (1 Reply)

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rough grazing to dairy grass (11 Replies)

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size of stables (4 Replies)

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180 hour course etc (6 Replies)

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Baxi wood chip boiler (2 Replies)

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Cattle Mats (3 Replies)

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Cut off date for pruning trees due to birds nesting? (11 Replies)

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farm machinery sales/auctions uk (2 Replies)

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lime spreading (1 Reply)

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Spreading Lime

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feeding meal to calves (1 Reply)

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Websites selling combine harvester (2 Replies)

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Poultry Fair - Myshall (2 Replies)

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Any value to be found in fertiliser

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who has extra lights or a light bar on their tractor

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ganly craig auction (6 Replies)

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pierce plough points (8 Replies)

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College?did ye go? (7 Replies)

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know the value of your stock, (1 Reply)

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Foresty - Farmer premium (8 Replies)

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Agric website updated

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