Masterpiece / Masterpiece compatible Discussion. (774 Replies)

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Transformers the Definitive G1 collection (8 Replies)

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Rescue Bots (Playskool) (10 Replies)

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found some transformer G1 toys in attic (4 Replies)

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My obsession - G1 (7 Replies)

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So what other toy lines do you collect? (18 Replies)

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Transformers: Earth Wars (3 Replies)

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New Addition to the Prime (Decepticon) cast... (2 Replies)

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Classic G1... but with up to date toys (50 Replies)

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Humble Bundle Transformers Comics (5 Replies)

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Dublin Comic Con (2 Replies)

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My Collection (4 Replies)

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Combiner War Gesalts - Any mods? (2 Replies)

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Opticon Transformers Con

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New York Toy Fair. (8 Replies)

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Third party discussion thread. (81 Replies)

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Robots in Disguise (5 Replies)

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where can i get mp-10? (22 Replies)

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Age of Extinction (5 Replies)

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Value of these Vintage Transformers? (2 Replies)

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SDCC Product Reveals. (1 Reply)

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Botcon Devcon (12 Replies)

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Dark Cybertron (comic) (9 Replies)

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