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Is this 3 beeps (repeating) or 6 beeps? (71 Replies)

Last post Today 17:52 by K.O.Kiki
Started by mrcheez

New Build for Web Development and Gaming

Last post Today 15:55 by ipodrocker
Started by ipodrocker

Considering a full upgrade - Intimidated by prices and range of components... (7 Replies)

Last post Today 14:54 by Solitaire
Started by Gamer Bhoy 89

First build : Gaming PC for 850 euro (4 Replies)

Last post Today 14:52 by MOH
Started by kavanaa1

Bargain Alerts/Adverts Discussion Thread (2,000 Replies)

Last post Today 11:56 by Cork_exile
Started by Solitaire

New keyboard (6 Replies)

Last post Today 11:30 by Dcully
Started by limnam

Bad time to buy GPU? (18 Replies)

Last post Yesterday 23:53 by wotzgoingon
Started by Dcully

Off Topic Thread V2.0 (8,701 Replies)

Last post Yesterday 21:25 by TerrorFirmer
Started by ShadowHearth


Last post 14-Jan-2018 18:24 by nilescraneo
Started by nilescraneo

Amd R9 380 4g Upgrade options -1080p (1 Reply)

Last post 13-Jan-2018 08:28 by TerrorFirmer
Started by Scram

Intel CPU Flaw (65 Replies)

Last post 13-Jan-2018 01:01 by wotzgoingon
Started by Sesshoumaru

Corsair AM4 Retention Bracket (7 Replies)

Last post 12-Jan-2018 19:28 by WewJad
Started by WewJad

Budget gaming pc (3 Replies)

Last post 12-Jan-2018 19:11 by guil
Started by guil

System restarts => kernel-power event 41 task 63 (2 Replies)

Last post 12-Jan-2018 18:48 by ED E
Started by kyote00

Upgrade (11 Replies)

Last post 12-Jan-2018 16:55 by K.O.Kiki
Started by skankles

Intel Core i5-4440 running at 95 C (24 Replies)

Last post 11-Jan-2018 17:40 by mrcheez
Started by mrcheez

Gaming PC (6 Replies)

Last post 11-Jan-2018 13:54 by Billy86
Started by RyanB61

Removing thermal paste (6 Replies)

Last post 10-Jan-2018 19:36 by elbyrneo
Started by elbyrneo

New build and advice please (7 Replies)

Last post 10-Jan-2018 14:45 by TerrorFirmer
Started by DARK-KNIGHT

[MERGED] Your Main PC - Pictures, specs and discussion <IMAGE HEAVY> (3,525 Replies)

Last post 10-Jan-2018 07:38 by Grahamer666
Started by awhir

upgrading pc, i5-8400 vs i5-8600k (20 Replies)

Last post 09-Jan-2018 21:13 by steve7791
Started by steve7791

First Build - Gaming / Browsing - €700 (8 Replies)

Last post 09-Jan-2018 14:39 by jenno86
Started by jenno86

New build - opinions? (6 Replies)

Last post 09-Jan-2018 14:00 by natnifnolnacs
Started by natnifnolnacs

PC water cooling to indirect heating cylinder (1 Reply)

Last post 08-Jan-2018 23:40 by ED E
Started by Ubbquittious

i7 4790k overheating (33 Replies)

Last post 08-Jan-2018 04:52 by tazzzZ
Started by cianh33